Guts, Faith, and Luck

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2 years ago

I was on spot trading BCH/USDT since last three days. Well, not a big risk taker to try margin/future and I'm enjoying staring at those candles. 😅

I am trying to accumulate any bit of Bitcoin Cash satoshi's by taking profit little by little. So far, been earning 0.1BCH from it.

Lots of trial and error has come because even if I'm studying how to read charts, didn't even have any slight idea on how to predict its movement. Just guts, faith, and luck is all I have. 🤣

Major rule on my trade is to buy low, sell high. It works, i'm sure of it. But nevertheless, there are times that you are not lucky enough when entering a trade. That is when your guts and faith will enter. Guts to take a loss, and big faith on Bitcoin Cash that it will bounce back.

With the three (guts, faith, and luck) backing me up on spot, I'm using more on faith, that even if I bought BCH at a higher price and the price suddenly drops, in the end it will bounce back even higher.

I know, this is time consuming and tiring. But I don't mind, as long as I can get even a little of satoshi of the future p2p electronic cash in my hand (BCH), it is worth it.

Think this way, you trade not for the price, but for the BCH you can gain. And always put these in your mind, BitcoinCash is the future.

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