How did I get to meet GOD? Part 1 of 3

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Greetings to all the people who will be able to take a little time to read my story of how I came to meet GOD. I had her word in my home stowed away, I got tired of seeing it, but I never took it. Since I was a child there was always that connection with GOD, dreams and a constant thinking that his eyes were on me, since in my environment I had Christian friends, I could not be more of the world, however I knew that something spoke in my mind and heart, but I wasn't paying attention, because I'm talking about when I was a teenager.

Now 39 years old in the year 2020, where it was our turn to lock ourselves up because of the pandemic and where the planet came to a standstill, resting from us human beings. In the midst of so much thinking about what would happen to our lives, I came looking for something in his word that would help me drain my mind of so much pressure that was in my country and in the whole world, I began to read, in addition to that I had a television channel Christian and I became interested, there they preached his word "THE WORD OF GOD" and the encouragement that they transmitted to me was that GOD had total control of what was happening "GOD IN CONTROL AND WE DISCONTROLLED". In the midst of these anguish that came to my life because of the economy that was beginning to fail, I was sad and stressed by everything that comes to our mind when things do not go as expected

In the midst of tears I watched the channel and listened to his word and at that moment they invited the television audience to pray the prayer of Faith "That if they wanted to accept JESUS ​​CHRIST as our LORD AND SAVIOR we would do it", I perfectly remember the prayer as below I describe “LORD JESUS ​​FORGIVE MY SINS I ADMIT THAT I HAVE FAILED AND I AM A SINNER, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU DIED FOR ME ON THE CROSS AND THAT ON THE THIRD DAY JEHOVA RAISED YOU, I RECEIVE YOU AS MY LORD AND SAVIOR ENTERS MY HEART AND GIVES ME A NEW HEART CREATURE, AMEN “, this sentence literally turned my life upside down.

His word says that if we invite him to live in our hearts, he baptizes us with his holy spirit. GLORY TO GOD FOR THAT !!!

So it was appreciated readers how I had my encounter with GOD, the peace that surpasses all understanding, came to my life and my home.

I had a strong temperament, because it was not even character, JESUS ​​CHRIST cleansed my heart of envy, greed, grudges, vanities, pride, arrogance, among other things and my heart was different from that moment, as his writing says; I am a new creature.

  • I will continue in a new writing friends readers

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