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Each country has its own unique culture, customs, clothes, cuisine etc. Likewise Indonesia, has its own uniqueness and taste in cooking. Indonesian cuisine generally prefers to use spices from their own concoction rather than instant spices. Although it is undeniable, nowadays there are many who sell instant spices.

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Indonesia has dozens of provinces and each province has its own regional language and accent also has many characteristics so you can tell which province he is from. Still, Indonesian is the mother tongue, the unifying language of the nation.

Likewise with different traditional clothes and what you don't forget, cuisine has its own taste image from each region, there are even dishes that look similar but have different names from each province. Unique right?

The name of the dish or the taste may be different, but the same thing is that Indonesian cuisine still uses special ingredients to make dishes smell good, namely spices. Spices are used as additional ingredients to flavor dishes so that Indonesian cuisine has the nickname Indonesian cuisine is rich in spices

Spices, apart from being used as ingredients for cooking, can also be used as natural medicine, so they are very useful. There are so many spices that are found in Indonesia, even in each region also has its own special spices.

Commonly used spices include:

1. Nutmeg

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which is one of the cooking spices that smells strong and is slightly spicy. Round in shape with very hard skin. There are seeds in it. The seeds are used as food. Nutmeg is also good for health, one of which is taking care of oral health, especially teeth and gums.

2. Cardamom

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This one spice is also oftenUsed in cooking, it is savory and has a sweet taste. There are so many types of cardamom, especially from the color. Cardamom also contains vitamins and is good for people with high blood pressure

3. Cloves and star anise

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The combination of these two spices is very often used in cooking and health drinks and has many benefits. Can be used to treat coughs, throat infections and colds. Often also in a combination of star anise, cloves, cardamom and additional mint leaves.

4. Cinnamon

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This one spice never goes out of style in cooking. In addition to enriching the taste of the dish. Cinnamon is also good for health, one of which is diabetes

5. Ginger

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There are two types of ginger, red ginger and white ginger. White ginger commonly used in cooking is very useful in eliminating the fishy smell of fish, chicken, etc.

The method can be puree, thinly sliced ​​or crushed. In addition, ginger can also be used as a health drink such as cough medicine.

6. Galangal

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Almost like ginger. Only the aroma is different but has the same function in cooking. If for health Galangal contains vitamin C, which means it can help boost immunity. In addition, the intake of vitamin C can also optimize the absorption of iron, so that blood circulation becomes smooth.

7. Pepper

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White pepper or black pepper is a natural spice with a distinctive hot or spicy taste. When consumed through food. And, pepper can clear the respiratory tract so as to relieve a stuffy or stuffy nose. When combined with honey, white pepper can also have an antibiotic effect and prevent respiratory infections

8. Coriander

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This is one of the most famous cooking spices. And most often used in cooking and even making peanut brittle chips, beef jerky etc. In addition, boiled coriander water is also useful to avoid irritable bowel syndrome. In addition, coriander can also overcome other digestive problems such as diarrhea, flatulence, constipation, and intestinal worms.

9. Ketapang seeds

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This is also one of the spices commonly used when cooking meat so that the meat is tender and savory. Ketapang seeds which are shaped like almonds have health benefits for lowering blood sugar and high blood pressure. In addition, ketapang seeds are rich in antioxidants that function to ward off free radicals

10. Cumin

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The function of cumin in cooking does not only affect the taste of the dish, but also the aroma. Adding cumin to cooking, can make the aroma more fragrant. You can use cumin for seasoning like in curry. However, before using cumin must be roasted or roasted first.

White cumin or black cumin is also good for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and weight loss

11. Lemongrass

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This stem-shaped spice is also often used in cooking spices. especially when cooking curry, fish, chicken and beef. Useful to get rid of the fishy smell

Maintain Oral Health. The second benefit of ginger and lemongrass decoction is to help maintain oral health. Increase Immunity. The third benefit of ginger and lemongrass decoction is to help boost the immune system.

12. Bay leaf

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This leaf is used as a cooking spice to add flavor. Usually used in soupy or sauteing dishes and used at the beginning of cooking so that the aroma comes out. And the benefits of boiled bay leaves are also good for lowering sugar levels due to diabetes

13. Kaffir lime leaves and curry

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This is also a typical leaf that is often used in soupy dishes, especially curry. It is used at the beginning of cooking such as bay leaves to give off the distinctive aroma of the leaves.

14. Pandan leaves and suji

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Have you seen this leaf? These two almost similar leaves are also often used in cooking, making porridge, drinks and used as a natural green dye when making cakes

And both have their respective benefits for the occasion

How do you know the spices above? or in your country when cooking also use spices. Hopefully add insight to those of you who like to cook

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This is an authentic Indonesian dish of rendang, curry and opor that uses spices.

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