Recognize, at what level of our patience

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Often we hear from someone when we are facing a complicated situation, upset, disappointed, angry. People say, Be patience please ...!!!

How did you respond when you heard that statement?

Let's know what is patience? So that we can be wiser in dealing with patience. We must understand the broad understanding of Patience.

Patience in language can be understood is being able to refrain from very difficult things, being able to control ourselves when things happen that make it difficult for us, being able to control ourselves from situations that are not according to our wishes. He remained calm while contemplating what decision to make.

And patience can be interpreted as self-control from emotions and not complaining under any circumstances. Patience is the ability to control oneself which is also seen as an attitude that has high values ​​and reflects the strength of the soul of the person who has it.

The higher the patience a person has, the stronger he will be in dealing with all kinds of problems that occur in life.

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"Patience is a positive behavior not weak or stupid"

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Patience in religions and medical views

Allah loves patient people. It is real. From a religious point of view, we are very much required to always be patient in any condition. Do not get used to everything in the face of grumbling, yelling let alone tantrums. Calm down, Allah is with those who are patient

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Not only from a religious point of view. Even in medical science, patience has good effects on health, including relaxing muscles in the body that are tense, more relaxed, preventing stress, being more relaxed, calmer, etc.

Does patience have a limit?

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If you tell someone about being sad, disappointed, angry, etc. Then someone advises you, "be patient, everything has a lesson" then we say

"I have been very patient with it, if this continues, who wants to be patient, my patience has a limit"

This is what we say when our patience runs out

Does patience really have a limit?

With the words above, we ourselves unconsciously want to limit our patience. In essence, patience is patience. there are no limits, those who have limits are not patient people. When we say "I've had enough patience" it only covers ourselves from the fact that we are not patient people. Rather, this is the only level of patience we have.

Every individual has different life problems. And the level of the exam is also different. Our job is only to be patient in facing life's problems, how strong we are when we get tested, continue to learn to be patient, pray and continue to train ourselves so that we can know more about patience and we will know at what level our patience is.

"It's not patience if it has limits, it's not sincerity if it still hurts"

No matter how heavy life's questions we feel. Face it, as much as possible we train patience. Actually patience has no limits, we ourselves make the limits. The limit of patience does not mean being angry, venting emotions, getting angry and getting out of control. Allah alone gives reward for people who are patient to no limit

Have we been called patient people?

Every individual has different problems in life. What seems heavy to us may be light to others, and vice versa. As patient, each individual has a different level of patience. There are those who humiliate him but do not reply even though they are able to do it. Not because of fear or weakness. It's just lazy to serve or afraid to provoke a commotion so that we say yes and we continue to try to be good behind him who humiliates us. Is that called patience? Being a patient person is not as easy as saying, be patient ok. In fact, we have not been able to train ourselves to be patient

for example :

  • Someone close to us often helps us and we help too. Don't forget to also give a thank you sign for helping. One day the relationship strained, then brought back what had been helped. People who are considered not to remember people's kindness are just silent, just resigned and say "yes, he is the most diligent in helping me and I have been a bother to him, it's natural for him to say that".

  • Apologizing does not need to wait for him to apologize. Apologizing is basically the job of the perpetrator, on the other hand, it is the victim's job to apologize. We accept and introspect ourselves. sometimes we need to realize and apologize. Not low self-esteem, but there is a feeling. That's okay, let the victim apologize because maybe our behavior is like this. There's no need to wait for someone else to apologize. Maybe we are right. The bottom line is that generosity is the key. All aim not to want any commotion and chaos

Can a patient person not be angry?

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It is wrong, we must be careful with the anger of patient people. People who are patient will not get angry inappropriately. He won't be angry for useless things. Because thinking angry angry will not solve the problem. He would be silent, patient, wait and see. This is why impatient people can get angry but they won't do as they please. In fact, people like this are highly respected and admired

Don't underestimate people like this :

  • The anger of the patient

  • Sad people who like to joke

  • Disappointed loyal people

He can endure and be patient in the face of all trials is the best way to get through all disappointments. He trains himself. Will getting angry will solve the problem or not? He will be careful in his behavior. In this way, we have learned and tried, meaning we train ourselves to be more sincere, strong, forgiving and not complaining. This will make us more immune to everything that happens to us.

Patience is not weak stupid but great. There are many beautiful things that can be felt by a patient person. Can we do it? Can we at least control ourselves?

We all know patience is a good and commendable attitude. God loves it too. The world will not be bad because of patience, we will not be despised because we are patient, it even has benefits and there are even beautiful things in what we feel. Patience includes several things, patiently waiting, patiently working, not in a hurry, not quick to anger, not prejudiced, etc. What are the benefits of patience that we can feel?

Patience will teach us to remain optimistic in living life even though failure comes to us, but with patience a sense of optimism will be born in us to achieve a success or our dream. Having patience, you will be far from the nature that often complains about everything. The patient will realize that not all wishes will come true or happen as expected. Life is bound to happen which is called change and we will remain calm in dealing with it

There are many more benefits that we feel from a patience. Fate, not believing means not believing in God. Trust in God's provisions. Only Allah can change what happens in this world. Happy, sad, laughing calmly, messed up God has decided. Only people who are patient, must be strong and tough in dealing with any situation. Let's keep learning and learning, even though it's not perfect. I, you and all of us, let's learn to be a better person. Want to be loved by Allah? continue to increase our level of patience. Revenge? Please but, take revenge on people who are bad to us with kindness

May we always be given the strength to be more patient people, Aamiin.

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11 months ago


Patience is very important... Thanks for this

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11 months ago

That's right, it's important for us to be strong in facing the trials of life that come around us

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11 months ago

Maybe you're right that patience doesn't have limit at all. But, some people tries to limit it not only because they are tired already, but because they want others to realize that bothering someone negatively will never be a right to do.

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11 months ago

Thank you. There is a certain way of teaching them that they are no longer comfortable with what they are doing. leave it to someone who can handle this matter we don't have to do the same thing. someone has more authority. We try not to repay evil with evil, bad with bad fear will backfire on us.

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11 months ago