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Writing is actually not a new world for me. when i was in junior high school the world "scribbled out" I already did.

As a teenager, I liked to write a diary, collect song lyrics, etc. And when I was in high school, I liked to write poetry, collect poetry, write short stories and go to college. And had time to stop because of busyness. Finally, a total stop.

After I got to know NoiseCash and Readcash a few months ago, the spirit of writing that I once did resurfaced. My writing is just a hobby, not published just for my own collection

What do you think about writing?

According to the opinion of experts, writing is aimed at providing information about something, either in the form of facts, events, opinions, views and data to the reader. So that readers can get new insights and knowledge from the writing.

As for the writer who really loves the world of writing. Writing can help you express the emotions you are feeling and are holding back. You are free to write when you are sad, happy, upset, angry or otherwise when you cannot tell others. Believe it or not, this method is very effective for pouring out your emotions so that nothing is buried

Everyone has their own views and reasons for what he writes as a hobby, curious, try it, imitate or write is like a main meal for him he doesn't care whether his writing is seen by people or not he continues to write, writes his soulmate because writing is his world and can be self.

Which is your type? Me? hobby and soulmate

Why do I say soulmate?because when I write I feel like I'm sitting with my soulmate, what I want to say, express, think, feel, my sadness, my happiness is all threaded in a writing

Through writing apart from expressing our feelings and thoughts, writing also has other extraordinary benefits. Here I can summarize hopefully it will make us even more enthusiastic about writing, including :

1. Creativity

Do you agree that writing can add to our insight into vocabulary? This is where the brain works when writing, it has to look for a lot of vocabulary what to use, it must understand the use of standard and non-standard language. Automatically our brains are invited to think to find words for our sake which we describe in our writing. Get used to writing so that we become rich in language and more creative and our creativity will increase by writing often

2. Strengthen memory

When writing, it is not only the hands that work but all aspects, especially our brain. In this brain, the initial process of writing is carried out from looking for writing ideas, the title of the outline of writing to becoming a beautiful writing

To make writing, we are required to read, remember and then start writing based on what we read

This is where our brains are trained to remember, think and our brain performance will increase if it is often trained. Just like a human muscle, its strength must continue to be trained to make it stronger.

Write often so that our brains continue to update with good and interesting ideas

3. Life is more quality and productive

Write in the morning before doing the activity, have you ever done it? No need for heavy and long writing. Which is light, about the activities you will do. or the writing is short with light topics we can also do

4. Improved language quality

When writing, we should not use language at will. Must understand the rules of EYD well so that our writing is good and easy for others to understand.

When writing we also have to estimate who is reading our writing so that the language we use is age-appropriate. With such our language skills will increase

5. Makes speech more fluent

The vocabulary mastered will affect the skill when speaking. This will be useful when you are required to speak in public without using text. The better your writing, the better your speaking skills will be.

5. As a medium of communication

Some people when he speaks directly often mispronounce even make people offended. So, through writing, we can serve as a medium to convey something, even we can correct our writing is good or not before conveying it to others.

6. Practice patience

Produce good writing can not be separated from us reading. These two activities cannot be done instantly or in a hurry. It takes time to understand, remember, organize and it takes calm

7. Make money

For one, you can already feel in readcash where to accommodate our writing and if we are lucky we get money

Besides being a writer can be a promising profession. There are already many professions whose main basis is a writer such as blogger, content writer, copywriter, UI UX writer, scriptwriter, translator, journalist and many others.

Are you still passionate about writing?

That's my writing this time about the benefits of writing, the beauty of writing and the many experts and writers who were born on this earth

Below are some quotes from great writers how writing is something that really counts

"To become a writer, all it takes is a strong will to write and then put it into practice, people who only have the will to write, but have never done it, then it is the same as dreaming to own a car, without any effort and hard work to own it." - ( Stephen King )

"Reading is a center that a writer cannot escape." - ( Stephen King )

"Never hesitate to imitate other writers. Every artist who hones his craft needs a model. Eventually, you will find your own style and shed the skin of the writers you imitated." (William Zinsser)

"Reading you will know the world more closely. Write, you will be known close to the world". (Madi Ar-Ranim)

"Writing is a necessity so that our brains are not filled with the feces of thought. So, write. Whether it's in notebooks, palm leaves, inscriptions, or even social media, keep writing regardless of who your work will be appreciated and how much it is worth". (Fiersa Besari)

"Everyone will die except for his work, so write something that will make you happy in the hereafter." ( Ali bin Abi Talib )

"Writing teaches you that what you say can be you. However, what you write will always be there."

"Keep writing. At least people will know you're still alive."

Thank you

Regards " AYU "

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Yeah writing can teach us to be more of excellent people

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1 year ago

Its good that you are a read cash user knowing that writing is one of your passion. Keep going :)

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1 year ago

All because of noisecash and readcash my love of writing since I was a teenager is here again. Long vacuum in the middle of college and work. I'm grateful to be here and get to know great people at noisecash and readcash, thank you.

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1 year ago

I have absolutely no talent for writing, Haha but I am grateful that I met the NoiseCash and readcash platforms, it made me want to learn to read, so I can write. Haha

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1 year ago

I'm also very lucky. My hobby is writing, which I used to do before, so I like it again. We are very lucky 😁😁👍👍

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1 year ago