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Books are the most important part for those who learn to read to build knowledge and skills. And reading is part of basic literacy. Literacy is a word that is not foreign to us.

When we talk about literacy, it must be related to reading. Because literacy starts with reading, understanding, writing, etc. Literacy is a general term that refers to a set of individual abilities and skills in reading, writing, speaking, calculating, and solving problems at a certain level of expertise required in everyday life.

Literacy is very important to improve quality human resources. Especially in the world of education which has the biggest impact on the progress of the nation. With current technological advances, it is possible for someone to get information or knowledge very easily from various media.

Several scientists explain the importance of increasing literacy in our lives

According to UNESCO "The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization", literacy is a set of real skills, especially skills in reading and writing that are independent of the context in which these skills are acquired and who acquires them.

The National Institute for Literacy defines Literacy as "an individual's ability to read, write, speak, calculate and solve problems at the skill level required in work, family and society." This definition defines Literacy from a more contextual perspective. From this definition implies that the definition of Literacy depends on the skills needed in a particular environment.

The Education Development Center (EDC) states that literacy is more than just the ability to read and write. But more than that, literacy is the ability of individuals to use all their potential and skills in life. With the understanding that literacy includes the ability to read words and read the world.

And many more that discuss the very important literacy. Literacy is not just reading but understanding, expressing and being able to mentally understand what is being discussed

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Basic literacy

September 8 is celebrated as International Literacy Day and has been going on since 1967. International Literacy Day celebrations take place every year around the world to remind people of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. This basic literacy is knowledge and skills in obtaining and processing information to develop understanding and potential. To train this ability, sourced from, we can do the following activities, namely getting to know the basics of literacy. This basic literacy can help beginners in everyday life, and of course can be a provision for someone who wants to be a superior generation in the future.

There are 6 basic literacy that we need to know and we have, the 6 Basic Literacy are:

1. Literacy Read Write

2. Numerical Literacy

3. Scientific Literacy

4. Digital Literacy

5. Financial Literacy

6. Cultural Literacy and Citizenship

The most basic literacy starts from Read and Write. After that proceed to the next stage of literacy. Of course, literacy is very important. Reading and writing are the earliest known things in the history of human civilization. In the past, people of ancient civilizations communicated by symbols and images carved into stone, wood, cave walls, and so on. As time progressed, the letters began to be known.

Besides being able to read and write. Reading and writing literacy also includes understanding the meaning of an article. For example, if we are given a drug prescription by a doctor. Just being able to read the given recipe is not enough, you also have to be able to understand the rules for use and the dosage so that fatal mistakes don't occur.

So, reading and writing literacy is the knowledge and skills to read, write, search, browse, process and understand information to analyze, respond to, and use written texts to achieve goals, develop understanding and potential, and to participate in the social environment.

Literacy in education

Good literacy can hone the ability to think critically, creatively, innovatively and foster students' character. Literacy skills can also encourage students to be able to understand information reflectively, analytically and critically.

Literacy is an important skill that every student must have. Most of the educational process depends on literacy skills and awareness. Literacy skills include all language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Unesco explains that literacy is the right of everyone and is the basis for lifelong learning. Literacy skills can empower and improve the quality of individuals, families, communities.

Before starting the lesson the teacher will give students the opportunity to read about the material to be studied in about 5 - 10 minutes to read, take a summary of what was read and describe it. And here, language skills are very important when giving information to others.

Literacy in the religion

Kenneth Primrose, chair of religious, moral and philosophical studies at Robert Gordon's College in Scotland, stressed the importance of increasing religious literacy in order for people to learn to live with one another.

In an article entitled “Overcoming Religious Illiteracy: A Cultural Studies Approach” published on the World Connected History website, Diane L. More defines religious literacy as the ability to see and analyze the intersection between religion and social, political, and cultural life from various perspectives.

Literacy is also very prioritized in Islam, namely reading, learning about science that has been revealed by Allah SWT to the Prophets and Apostles then to friends, believers, so that it reaches us Muslims.

Islam is a religion that encourages to cultivate a culture of literacy among its people. This is inseparable from the history of the revelation of the holy book Al-Quran itself. The revelation that was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad shalallahu 'alaihi wasalam is a verse about science, namely "Iqra" which means the command to read. Reading is very important in the life of a Muslim, because reading is a gateway for the entry of various knowledge. To open this knowledge insight, it is necessary to use knowledge intermediaries through knowledge books or study with teachers directly.

Allah also commands his Muslim servants to read a lot of the Qur'an and its translations to be understood and practiced in daily life. So, Islam really loves reading and writing. Especially about science because the two are interrelated.

Literacy in society

A Library in the village of my area

To support our love for the world of literacy, the Ministry of Education and Culture, an institution engaged in education in Indonesia, organizes the Community Literacy Movement program. The Community Literacy Movement was developed by the Directorate General of Early Childhood Education and Community Education as a follow-up to the illiteracy eradication program that was awarded UNESCO in 2012.

And can be seen. To support the program, a library is provided in every village, even one in a village in the area where I live. They have a library and the books are donations from residents and village funds.

Readcash literacy platform

Do you agree with my statement that @Read.Cash is able to invite its followers to love literacy? Reading great articles from readcash friends, we read and comment. There we have increased our love of the world of reading. Even when writing articles, we need to read so that we can convey through articles. And it must be careful so as not to be wrong in providing information. I'm sure, you and I can feel that there are many benefits of joining @Read.Cash

When we choose an article title. We definitely need to find information related to the title of the article that we will write. Indirectly, we have become part of basic literacy, namely reading and writing literacy

We are very grateful to know this platform. Readcash provides opportunities for people who have talent in writing because people who like to write definitely like to read. Let's continue to love reading and writing. Reading is able to open windows to the world and get to know the world. No need to travel the world

If you want to be a writer, there are two things you have to do, read a lot and write a lot. As far as I know, there is no other way than these two things. And there are no shortcuts.

(Stephen King)

By reading you know the world. By writing you are known to the world.

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I once wrote about how I love writing. @Read.Cash and play an important role in my love for writing or composing. And please, you can open my article. My world in my writing, writing is my world

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It is proven that people who have the habit of reading must have broad insight, that is what can increase the level of our brain intelligence. Like exercise for the body, reading is also like exercise for our minds because it can train our brain absorption. Thank you for sharing this great article.

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Yeaaay that's right, my dear friend . Sharpen to train to get maximum results 🤗🤗

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9 months ago

Is the wealth that can never be taken

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10 months ago

Agree with you my dear friend

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10 months ago

Yup readcash is promoting and indirectly making people more literate. I can't find myself reading this much in my life after joining college, lol.

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10 months ago

haha, when we enter college we are required to open a lot of books even though our eyes are sore and dizzy. I'm sure if readcash will not make us dizzy, right 😁😁

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