Life is only once make it more meaningful and full of blessings

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7 months ago

Living without a principle will make us influenced by the people around us. Without direction and goals to be achieved. " Live once, live meaningfully " A life motto that we really want to achieve in life before the end of our lives.

Where do you want to study next? What do you want to be next? What job do you want?

A question that may still be a mystery to most of us, especially students who will soon be living their post-college life

The question is actually very important, because it could be that post-college life will be the longest life compared to life during studying from elementary school to college. It can even be said that the success or failure of life is seen from its success in living life in the post-college period. Of course we want to be in the best choice at that time.

But it is undeniable that the fact is that most of the students answered the question at the beginning, that after college they just want to get a job with a fixed salary and their living needs are fulfilled, nothing more. Is this like the best life? Is this kind of life what God loves the most? Can a life like this be a savior in the afterlife?

Muhammad Rasulullah SAW said "...The best of people are those who are most beneficial to their fellow human beings..."

The hadith above shows that humans are encouraged to always do good to others and other creatures. Human existence is actually determined by its usefulness to others. Is he useful for others, or is he a parasite for others? Life like this is the most appropriate place to get as many good practices as possible, contribute to spreading the benefits as well as possible, so that you are happy on the day of reckoning.

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In the post-campus world, in contributing we can divide it into three categories based on the theory of 3 sectors, namely:

  • Government sector (government),

  • Private sector (business)

  • Community institution sector ( NGO )

  1. The government sector as the most central and has a considerable influence in life, policy makers can use their authority to be able to provide a fairly broad beneficial impact. However, this sector is still partly filled by irresponsible people.

    Good leaders still exist, but they are few in number. One of the reasons is because many honest good people are reluctant to do politics. They prefer to find safety by engaging in other sectors, so as if they forget that the government needs their participation, politics needs them. Because if good people are reluctant to fill political seats, then political seats will be filled with bad people.

  2. The second sector is the private sector or business (profit). Without entrepreneurship, it is certain that the economy can stop, because it is entrepreneurship that moves and combines natural production factors, labor, and capital to produce goods and services that are needed by the community and create jobs for them.

    Thus, entrepreneurship has a very important role in the economy. This sector can have a good beneficial impact if it is not filled by selfish and greedy people. Because the business sector is profit-oriented, it is not uncommon for people in this sector to feel complacent about profit and are increasingly hungry for wealth

  3. The third sector is an NGO aka Non-Governmental Organization or an agency or institution that moves dynamically because it is based on non-profit. This sector focuses on community development with specific objectives. The direction of the movement also tends to be more noble, consisting of those who want to contribute more through community service. This sector is usually filled by people who want to donate themselves to the community and give their best contribution to empower the community.

From the sectors above, public, private or third sectors. All three can be used as a good place to be able to contribute, become a useful human being for many people. The most important thing is that we can use our role in order to benefit many people, and always have a spirit that is passionate about helping people around us. And it was all done with sincerity in order to serve God. Don't let these sectors be controlled by selfish and irresponsible people.

One cannot serve God by not serving man, God resides in the poor man's hut

The quote above can describe those who use their lives to serve God by contributing to the benefit of their fellow human beings.

“Most people live life on the path that has been prepared for them. Sometimes brave people appear. People who face obstacles that are deliberately created in front of them. People who are aware that independence is a struggle. A struggle that cannot be understood except by those who are willing to sacrifice.” (Poetry of Waimital Kasim, by Taufik Ismail)

Those who are willing to leave the comfort zone of personal life struggle with the poor to fight ignorance, backwardness and improve the welfare of the people. Through their respective sectors, sharing and utilizing knowledge for the surrounding community, this is what the founding fathers of the nation did. This is the best choice, the best way of life to serve God, not to serve lust or worldly comforts.

You only live once, live a meaningful life.

The image is from the religious activities carried out by the students at the school I teach

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7 months ago


I agree my friend. Life is once only that's why we shouldn't waste for nonsense things instead we must treasure it. Live life to the fullest.

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7 months ago

very grateful if we see people who can appreciate their lives to continue to give kindness and sad when there are people who like to waste their lives

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7 months ago

Yes that's true my friend. We should treasure our lives. We need to live it with courage.

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7 months ago

Kita tidak akan pernah tau kemana arah hidup kita mengalir. Kita hanya bisa memetik hasil dari perbuatan kita yang selama ini kita jalankan. Dengan banyaknya perbuatan baik dan positif, kita akan memanen kebaikan yang positif pula.

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7 months ago

Maasyaa Allah terima kasih sudah menambahkan.. Benar, kita adalah manusia berakal di minta untuk memilih. Baik dan buruk sudah Allah ciptaan kembali kepada diri kita sendiri kemana kita dan mau apa kita..

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7 months ago

bener bu

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7 months ago