Instill always our good prejudices to Allah

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Sustenance is always present when the heart is always cool and when there is no more bad prejudice against God

Having a good attitude is an attitude and perspective that causes someone to see something positively and is equipped with a clean heart and righteous actions. Have a good attitude towards the one who has created us and the contents of this world, namely Allah, the almighty God. If you are always kind to what Allah has determined. This is related to the level of strong belief that humans have in their God so that they remain hopeful, patient, optimistic and do not despair.

Meanwhile, the attitude of prejudice can be broadly divided into three types, namely being prejudiced towards God, to oneself, and to fellow human beings. Have a good opinion of Allah as the Lord of the worlds, as the Creator, Sustainer, who has all the greatness, and there is not a single flaw.

Good for yourself is being kind to yourself, for example being persistent, never giving up, and being patient. Lastly, towards others is to always think positively towards others.

A person who is always kind to Allah generally never relies on his deeds, knowledge, and privileges. Because he believes everything he has is a gift from God.

In addition, humans who always have a good attitude towards God are humans who always have hope.

In the 8th grade Islamic education subject module (in 2019) it is written, for people who are kind to God, they will give birth to individuals who have obedient personalities. This obedience is manifested in the form of a strong belief in worshiping Allah

Obedience in worship will give birth to religious attitudes in a person, such as sincerity, patience, tawadu, honesty, trustworthiness, kanaah, and so on. These attitudes are called personal piety.

As humans, we often complain when we face a trial or a test from Allah SWT. In fact, not infrequently we spill our complaints by having bad thoughts on God. For example; by saying, "Why is this trial or test too hard, O Allah." In fact, Allah never gives trials beyond our capabilities.

As creatures created by Allah in a perfect form, we should always be obligated to always have a good attitude no matter what the circumstances. By always thinking well of Allah, it will certainly bring many graces and blessings in life.

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Having good faith in God is a must

In the Hadith the prophet said, "Pray to Allah in a state of certainty that it will be answered, and know that Allah does not answer prayers from a negligent heart.

In another Hadith, Allah says, 'I am according to my servant's prejudice against me. If prejudice is good, then good for him. And if the prejudice is bad, then it is bad for him

It's good to think that God will determine our fate later. Therefore, as a human being, do not ever despair of mercy and compassion. Return to Allah no matter how big the sin you have committed.

However, being kind to Allah in all conditions and circumstances must also be accompanied by good deeds and keeping all of Allah's laws.

If you are kind to Allah but underestimate the sinful acts, then what we do will be of no use.

The benefits of having good thoughts of God

  • Believe that Allah will forgive his repentant servant, answer the prayer of the supplicant servant, and provide sustenance for those who ask for sufficiency

  • Someone who applies a good attitude will be sincere or sincere in doing so that his life becomes peaceful and peaceful.

  • A kind attitude will make the heart clean from envy and other liver diseases.

  • Gratitude and patience will grow strongly in the souls of people who always have good prejudices.

  • Will not experience inner conflict or doubt if receiving any help or treatment from others

  • People who are prejudiced will be busy improving themselves and encourage them to continue to introspect or introspect.

  • People who are prejudiced towards God and in their daily lives will always be optimistic in trying to achieve their goals.

Not always what you think is good turns out to be bad for you and what you think is bad turns out to be good for you sincerely. Believe and think well of God. Because he knows what's best for us

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🙏🙏🙏 The essence of living is by believing on the most holy creator. Just live with the teaching the he left on us and everything will fall into places.

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