A million meanings

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One tree can make millions of matchsticks, but one matchstick can burn millions of trees.

One negative thought can burn all positive thoughts.

The match has a head, but has no sense. Therefore, every time there is a small friction, the match immediately catches fire.

We have a head as well as a mind. So, we don't need to panic just because of a small friction. By using reason, we can control our emotions.

When the bird is alive, it eats the ants. When the bird dies, the ant eats the bird.

Time goes on all the time. The cycle of life continues.

Do not underestimate anyone in life. However, we must respect other people. Not because of who they are, but because of who we are.

We may be powerful, but time is more powerful than us.

When we are victorious, we feel many friends around us. We can do anything.

When we are helpless, then we realize who our true friends are.

When we fall, we just realize.. all this time, who are our friends who use and take advantage of us.

When we are sick, we know that health is very important, far more than wealth.

When we are poor, we just know, so people have to give / give alms a lot and help each other.

When we are old, we know that there is still a lot that has not been done.

And after we are on the verge of death, we only know that so much time has been wasted.

Life is not long. It's time for us to make...


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