Yes! We Can Spread Happiness

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November 21, 2021

Greetings Everyone
Hi beautiful readers. What's up? I hope you all will be fine and doing well. Yes we are human beings, and we can easily spread happiness around us and make this world a happy world. Seriously this is not a big task, it's very easy to spread happiness by just doing small acts. I am doing all these tasks in my daily life, and the result is awesome.

Giving Gifts
Yes! I love to share gifts because gifts play a very important role in developing love and happiness among people. I always share gifts with my friends and neighbors, no matter what's your gift, because a gift is a gift, so don't worry that your gift is small or cheap. Furthermore, I believe that there is a lot of worth evens a hair pin as a gift.
Recently a new neighbor came near my house and I decided to give something to my new neighbors for a strong and happy relationship. So I made chicken, rice and put in trays and go towards my neighbor's house. I pressed the doorbell then a lady came and opened the door. I said welcome then she also welcomed me, she became so much happier to see me with delicious food, actually she was happy with how much love I made for her. So from that day there is a very strong relationship between me and my neighbors.

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Now often she comes to my house with special and so much tasty food, and we talked for a long time and enjoyed it a lot. She has two beautiful little girls, and both are my friends.

Give Attention
Yes readers, I write all this all about my person experience, that if we give not any attention to anyone's point or any discussion then the second becomes discouraged and becomes demotivated. On the other hand if we give importance to other's point of view in any matter and listen intentionally, then the second person feels so much confident as well as happy.

Good Face Expressions
That's really play a big role to spread happiness around us, as if we meet someone first time, we should spread a beautiful smile on our face to say welcome, because if we meet someone with too boring and non-interesting face expression, this leads to a very weak bonding between two people. This type of bonding can't run long.

Welcome to Help
We should try to always help others as much as possible without any avidity, this good virtue gives us a lot of success in our life and also this act makes our environment full of happiness because, when someone's need is fulfilled, then anxiety diminishes and happiness spreads everywhere. One thing which is very important is that when we help anyone, seriously our heart feels so much pleasure, I tell you one thing, recently my friend needed some money because she belongs to a poor family. Actually she wanted to buy new shoes for herself, but she had no money.
She did not ask me for money, but I knew about all situations. One day I bought a beautiful pair of shoes and gave them to my friend. She became so much happier to see beautiful shoes.
Seriously, I can't explain in words how much I feel relaxed and happier to help someone and fulfill someone's need.

Softness In Language
Friends often I see many people around me who remain alone just due to their bitter language. If language means bitterness, language plays a very big role in ruining relationships, so we should always be aware before speaking and always choose beautiful soft words. In this way everyone is becoming our friends with love and affection. So this point is also very valid in making our environment happy in my point of view.

Closing Thoughts
So readers, I think it's not a big deal to spread happiness on the faces of people around us, we just need to so all task in our every day life for needy people and everybody who lives around us. Just like, how I welcomed my new neighbors with happy smile on face, with happy heart and with soft and friendly language.

Thank you 😘

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