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Billboard designs for Uptrennd City

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1 week ago

Beep Beep why there is much rush here 😍 oh I got it it's an entrance to the Uptrennd city: thereby visitors and tourists are eagerly waiting for the opening the gate and yes gates have been opened;

Wow look at this billboard 🤩 stunning design is fascinating; yes the credit for designing it goes to me, but why I am mesmerized to give it such a look; so true the creativity is the main motive behind it.

Noaning to this second design; the font here represents the fun and entertainment that Uptrennd city is centered on; during the season 1 settlement of business and then finding out the customers and whole that salary made many of us excited and delighted to accomplish the dreams we desire for.

Look at this design yes that is Tiger😍 truly this is dedicated to our humble and generous mam Tiger lily❤ she is the motive who always comes up with surprises and motivations; I have strived to show some dedication to her.

This marvelous design shows the joyful environment that Uptrennd city promises and yes you will have all the comforts and privileges on your door In uptrennd city.

This is the last design. 🥰 hopefully, you will like the combination of colors and fonts demonstrated in it. So these all are the welcome billboard being designed by me; I know you are excited to make an entry to Uptrennd city but wait season 2 is coming soon.

I have designed these by downloading the free images from Unsplash and then editing all the images of blank billboards on the Canva app; although this work took hours to be completed and the reasons here are the studies routine as I have to prepare for the exams and yes this time I have to strive a bit harder because of Developmental biology and genetics😂 forgive me but I can't cram in these 2 subjects; by the way where I was; oh on the designs🥰 and yes I have come here after a while as the @TheRandomRewarder have disappointed me a lot and the single motivation to work here Was the @MahnoorDanish. Who guided and motivated me a lot; I am missing her🤩 and @Anabiya you are rocking about your blogs regarding BCH🤩 I love to read them all.

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Written by   12
1 week ago
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