Weekend is here

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3 years ago

Woooot woooot woooot woooot woooot woooot woooot 🥳

The weekend is here upon us and I am so much excited, bumped up and speaking Krackalacking accent while I am about to shutdown the whole weekend

C'mon man! A good music record label should sign me up😅

Aiiit Aiiit Aiiit. Having already had enough rest, my schedule for this weekend ain't much, but I'd like to make the best use of it as much as I can and that start with eating healthy, delicious and tasty food as much as I can

Next on the list is watching live football matches as much as I can starting with EPL matches between Chelsea vs Crystal Palace at 12:30 (WAST).

I have got a birthday party so I guess another plates of delicious food already await me in advance😅. Damn! I so much love food.

Last on the list is spending a quality with the family. My weekend is not complete without having a great and precious time with the family.

No matter how hard your schedule may be, always put family into consideration every single day.

So, there you have it guys.

That's how my weekend is gonna be spent

How are you spending your weekend?

What's your plan for the weekend?

Kindly let us know below the comment section 🤗

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Weekend is most wanted day its blessings for all

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3 years ago

indeed , weekend is blessing day ,it is day of rest , to enjoy

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3 years ago