Show me your love not your sympathy

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3 years ago

If someone is showing sympathy to you, never let them because you are not the one who needs someone's sympathy, you are strong, you are fulfilled, you have everything you want in your life more than anything is the support of god.

Never ever beg for love from someone make yourself able that people start to love you themselves.

Sympathy is made for the one who don,t have parents or the one who has any physical disability but if you are blessed with parents and with health you are not the one who needs sympathy.

Demand love for yourself because this is what you deserve not the sympathy for you. 

Never let anyone make you part of his life because he is sympathizing with you. Never let your tears so weak that it drops in front of human beings. Be strong enough to only spread your hand in front of God.

He is the only one who loves you and never sympathizes with you.

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3 years ago