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2 years ago

The dream of ill health is much worse than the fear of death and old age. What people do is not as sick as the fear of disease, so it can make a person's life worse if you think that your health If not good then believe me you can't be healthy either. Humans are making money by taking advantage of a habit to collectively. Thousands of workers are making money. The doctor advises the patient for climate change because of this environment. Wants to remove the patient wherever he / she lives. The change in the disease is for the rural environment so that the patient's mind is distracted except for those who are sick because they are better off in the world. Competition cannot be solved. There are thousands of patients who are just getting rid of the fear of disease. If you treat one of their diseases, another man will be born inside them, but he shows no fear of disease. Whether or not there is information about them is that every disease can be cured. Unfamiliarity with our perseverance increases our overhead..

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