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3 years ago


Choosing things that which is our favorite and which is not starts from the day when we get in our proper senses. But as for me, it was different my favorite subject was decided on the first day I join my school. It was in english .

Choosing English as my favorite was because of my love for stories which our English teacher told us. The time which I spent in his class was always unforgettable and the best time at school.

As the day progresses same goes for my love toward English. 

As a student, we all feel bothersome to read books during the tests or exams it goes the same with me too but English was one and the only subject which I never bother to read neither during my whole year nor during the exam  but still I always got highest marks in my class.

I think this all was the result of our library period when one hour of our school time we surely have to spent in the library to read our favorite books which for me were always fiction stories.

As English was my favorite subject but I don,t choose it as my major because I want to invest my time to do something different so I choose Botany as my major but it never lessens my love for English I am still a huge fiction lover and  now I love to write for inspiring people too 

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Everyone has its own choice I like your subject someone choose subject beacuse they have great interest in this I really appreciated to your way to like it

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3 years ago

No one best my subject school life But deploma of Dispenser than my favorite book is anatomy. All human side interesting things

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3 years ago