It's Never Too Late To Come Back

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2 years ago

“God heals and forgives”

These four words keep me strong amidst this pandemic. There are rumors that this virus is made by a man and used as a weapon; whether this claim is true or not, it just makes people realize that we are nothing. Even the richest of all men will shiver when faced with this virus and will pray to God for protection. It just proves how selfish we people are when we call out His name only during this kind of situation. I am also guilty of doing this.

I am not really religious to be truthfully honest; this pandemic totally changed me into a different person. Not only did I started being faithful, but I also don’t sleep at night without praying, which is so far from who I was before this happened and I would like to put emphasis on how much I want to go to church and confess my sins and be one with Him, again. Looking back on my beliefs and actions against God, I feel ashamed of being called, His child.

I’m ashamed to talk to Him, to pray, and to come back to Him because He did not deserve a child like me but I realized that I may have hurt God and sinned against Him, He will always keep the doors open for His lost children and welcome them back in His arms. He does not deserve a child like me, so I will do my best to be better; to deserve a Father like Him. Now, all I can say in relation to what is happening now, it is not too late to come back and ask for forgiveness and repent of our sins because He is just waiting for us to come home and be one with Him again.

To those who are suffering, they need our help and prayers for their healing because, with our prayers, God heals those who are in pain and forgives those who ask for forgiveness. God heals and saves. He heals those who call out His name whether you are a big sinner or not. He does not choose who to save and who to heal. He will heal and save us all if we pray to Him. It feels so nice to finally proclaim my love for Him and His love for us. This pandemic may have affected our way of living but it did not affect love, hope, and faith which are very important aspects of living.

This pandemic taught us to love more, to not lose hope, and to be faithful and that’s beautiful because amidst all negativities in life, we see only the good and we hold on to it. As soon as this pandemic ends, the first on my to-do list is to go to church and ask for forgiveness. Make a confession and be a better version of myself so that if somebody asks me who I am, I can confidently say, I’m His. I got this line in the song, Who am I because lately, I’ve been singing songs I never thought I would fond singing such as Blessing, Pray, I believe in Jesus, Oceans, and others. They’re all songs for the soul and I would like to share the lyrics of a song here: “I pray for the brokenhearted, I pray for the life’s not started. I pray for all the ones not breathing, I pray for all the souls in need, I pray. Can you give them one today?” This line is from the song Pray by Justin Bieber. As I sang this song, I had goosebumps and I literally felt like crying from the thought of Him listening to my singing. I feel relieved and it was like I was healed from whatever pain I am in.

Truly, our Lord heals and forgives and if we can’t find the words to tell Him how sorry we are, it is okay because He knows what is in our hearts. We are His children after all.

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