A Key to Understanding Every Race

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Hello guys, so this is my first post. I saw this poem buried deep in my notes so I decided to post it here. We all know that English is the universal language right? So here you go. This is for me, a key to understanding every race and develop a connection with other countries.

Plane tickets here, plane tickets there

Look over here and look over there

Beautiful places I see everywhere

Asking for directions will never be clear

Hello dear, My name is Ayce,I ask for your name, you said no intiendo (I don’t understand)

Solidarity, I think will never take place

If a country is not open for change

The world today you say is advanced

Try to be a tourist and wave your hand

Confused faces and scared expressions

Will welcome you when you ask for directions

This year I say, we change our views

Open yourself for some important news

A country that understands another country

Will always result to interculturality

Traveling to places will be full of wonder

If countries are united, now that I swear

Be it in Mexico, China or Turkey You’ll no longer hear “Speak English, no. I’m sorry.”

English language is hard, that’s for sure

Try to understand it for it is the future

Job applications around the world you say

Learn some english and expect a call right away

Life for you will be so much easier

If you have no issue with language barrier

I now thank you for your listening ears

and I’m hoping my point here is clear.

Thank you for reading :)

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My, thank you 😊

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