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Fans Accused of Chart Manipulation for Butter's Second Number One, But How True Is That?

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5 months ago

For it's second week, BTS' BUTTER stayed at number one in the Billboard Hot 100, Billboard Global 200, and Global Excl. U.S. and armys couldn't be anymore prouder as it can be their gift for the seven boys on their eighth anniversary on June 13.

Before the tracking for the first week, Spotify had been filtering out millions and millions of streams for BUTTER, making armys who's been in this game for almost eight years question it's transparency as the competitor's streams had almost zero filtered streams, but ARMYs, as always, found a way to get back their lost streams, thanks to BTSCHARTDATA (@btschartdata) who hosted several streming parties which in turn were followed by ither fanbases both in Twitter and Facebook.

And now it got it's second Billboard-All-Kill, topping all three of the Billboard Hot 100, Global 200, and Global Excl. U.S. and just in time for the BTS Festa.

Billboard All-Kill is a term used when an artist tops the main categories of Billboard Chart

The fans of the global superstar group, BTS couldn't be any more happier for the news whereas the other fandoms changed their narratives from blaming the company and the artists, BTS for chart manipulation, now blames the fandom. But how true is the accusation?

On the first and second week of tracking ARMYs on all platforms have been promoting and reminding their co-armys to stream BUTTER on both Spotify and YouTube even without any streaming parties held for consistency and longetivity all while celebrating the BTS Festa week, multitasking between streaming and enjoying all the free contents given to them in celebration for the upcoming anniversary of the boyband.

BTS Festa is an event where BTS celebrate their debut anniversary with ARMY. The annual celebration includes many gifts, like new pictures, funny profiles, video content, special songs, radio programs, and more.

Countless streaming parties were held for the whole two weeks since the release and yet, people keeps on questioning it's position on the charts, thinking that it's unfair without realizing that it's the industry that is unfair to both the artists, BTS and the fans, ARMYs.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for taking your time to read this article. Thank you, wonderful people!

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5 months ago
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Yes! Nakapagpost na sya ng kauna-unahan! Kaya mo yan, support lang ako sa gedli haha.

No matter what they say, BTS' success is organic. BTS paved the way. <3

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5 months ago