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Aurangzeb alamgir

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2 months ago

An impostor came to the court of Aurangzeb Alamgir and said:

"Even though you think it's bad, music is bad."

Great Emperor! But I am an artist and I have come to your service as an artist and I am a disguise - my name is Kundan disguise -

And I can disguise myself in such a way that I can deceive you who are very proud of my knowledge and I can go out with great success.

Aurangzeb Alamgir said: "Your statement is a waste of time - I consider hunting to be useless. I don't care what you are claiming in front of me."

He said: "The hand bracelet on the bracelet - you are such a great emperor and do not have your answer in wisdom - I will disguise you show recognition -"

So he said! "Approved"

He said, "Holy Prophet, you are the emperor of time. If you recognize me, I am indebted to you."

But if you do not recognize me and I disguise myself, I will take five hundred rupees from you.

The emperor said the condition was accepted -

He found out that next year the emperor would attack the Marhats, so he reached this place on foot.

A year later, when Aurangzeb Alamgir arrived in South India with his Lao army and encamped, he was a little frightened.

And when he attacked the Marhats, they were so strong that his armies could not break through the fort.

People said, "There is a dervishes here, Waliullah. I am in his service. Then pray.

The emperor was upset, the poor man ran to him - greeted him and said; "Just at your service in the presence of ............"

He said! "We are poor people. What do we have to do with such things?"

The emperor said! "No, there is a very difficult time in the world of Islam (like a man makes excuses). Please help us. I want to attack this fort tomorrow -" said Faqir. "No, don't do it tomorrow, do it the day after tomorrow and offer Zuhr prayers the day after tomorrow -"

Aurangzeb said yes very good! So after the Zuhr prayer he attacked with such force and with such fervor and behind him was the prayer of the poor, and such a prayer that the fort was broken and conquered - those who were open fell on their feet -

The king came straight to the service of the dervishes after Kamran was victorious over the leader of the Marhats - despite the fact that he wore hats and wrote the Koran but wore a large green turban with large emeralds and jewels He went and took off his turban and stood up with his hands clasped, saying that it was all due to him.

The poor man said: "No, Allah did what He did."

He said that he wanted to offer something in your service. Darwish said: "No, we are poor people."

Aurangzeb said, "I will give you two parganas - two big towns - as big as your Okara and Patoki - and there is every kind of forgiveness for the next five or seven Pashtuns." There are all these things - we are poor people, your great kindness - "

Aurangzeb tried hard but he refused and the king returned disappointed.

And Aurangzeb came and sat on his throne while he was issuing a decree. At that very moment, Kundan Behrupia came wearing beads in the same way.

So the emperor said: "Holy Prophet, why did you come here? I would have come to your service if you had ordered me."

Kundan said! "No, Emperor! Now it was our duty. If we had been present at your service, I would have been a hypocrite. Give me five hundred rupees."

He said: "You are that -

Kundan said, "Yes, I am what I promised you a year and a half ago."

Aurangzeb said: "I don't mind giving you five hundred rupees - I ask you when I forgave you two parganas and two towns when I gave you so much land when I gave you seven Pashtuns." Gave him the privilege of living wherever he wanted in my property - why did you refuse at that time?

This five hundred rupees is nothing.

He said: "The thing is, those who had the form were meant to be honored - they are truthful people, we are liars - I can't pretend to be truthful and then be dishonest -"

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2 months ago
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Nice one

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2 months ago