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8 months ago

Due to the large number of people in cashrain, the earnings are decreasing. When the cashrain website was created, very few people were aware of it and they were earning a lot, but with time, more people were added to it and now it is almost non-existent.

There are more people in the community than there is money in the community. Now there is a new change in Kashreen. Old users can only join old communities, they cannot join new communities. But users who are new are joining new communities. But they can join only twenty communities.

I have earned only 0.12$ from cashrain this month which is very less. I created a new community a week ago but unfortunately very few people are joining it because people can't join more than twenty communities.

It has also become very difficult to get jackport in large numbers of people and in addition, large communities are not coming, which reduces the importance of the cashrain.

A few months ago, the importance of cashrain was very high and people were making a lot of money from it and communities were also growing and the main reason was the decrease of people.cashrain was a good website but now I feel like this website will be dead soon.

Thanks for reading my published article.

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8 months ago