The Evolution Of Nigeria As A Political Unit:Part 2.

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How is everyone doing today. Hope y'all are happy and kicking to be happy and make others happy too.

So Yesterday was a very busy day for me but we thank God, all went well and am up and grateful to continue from where I stopped from my previous article.

So, after the southern and northern protectorate were declared by Lord Lugard on January 1900. Then in 1906, Lagos Colony also known as the Crown Colony was merge with the southern protectorate to be one.

OK let's go back a bit here, I know I talked about It in the previous article a bit but,

Why was the lagos Colony formed?

The reason is actually really interesting to know actually,that the lagos Colony was form with the aim of abolishing the Atlantic Slave Trade, interest right, but at first the people thought that the bombardment was for their( British) selfish interests. But the truth and reality was that the wanted ending the Slave trade to start the legit trade they actually came for.

Many intersecting interests provided the Government of the United Kingdom with the necessary impetus for military action against the sovereign of Lagos, Oba Kosoko. These interests included British desire to abolish the slave trade and replace it with legitimate trade, British missionaries who wanted to spread their religion, the desire of the deposed monarch (Akitoye) to recover his throne, and the fears of persecuted Saro people that they would be re-enslaved.

On November 20, 1851 a British party consisting of Consul Beecroft, Commander Wilmot, Commander Gardner, and Lieutenant Patey arrived at the Oba Kosoko's palace in an attempt to seek a British/Lagos friendship dependent on Kosoko's renunciation of the slave trade.Kosoko, through Oshodi Tapa, rejected the friendship offer and the British delegation departed the Oba's palace. Beecroft then wrote to the senior officer of the Bights division, Commander Forbes, that it was time for the British Royal Navy to expel Kosoko and install Akitoye, the "rightful heir".

That fear that spread to the whole country, was what scares the people and the wanted fighting back then the bombardment in the fourth quarter of 1851.

Interesting, right? Now each of the protectorate was a sprawing territory of separate linguistic groups. And each of the group had its own distinctive history, language, social customs and beliefs. Then in the year 1914, the Amalgamation of the merged southern protectorate and the Northern protectorate was carried out by the British colonialists.

Needle to say this was a turning point for all Nigerians and the country as a whole. The unification was done for economic reasons rather than political—Northern Nigeria Protectorate had a budget deficit; and the colonial administration sought to use the budget surpluses in Southern Nigeria to offset this deficit.

Another Idea for my next Article, The Amalgamation in Nigeria: A Turning point for Her.

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