The Evolution Of Nigeria As A Political Unit

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Good day you guys, how was yesterday, the day for the Lovers is finally over and hope all the lovers and married couples enjoyed. As for single people like us,I read an article here yesterday that says to impart something to just one person that yesterday.

So my article today, is to impart and remind of our nation Nigeria for some of us here (on that are from Nigeria 🇳🇬.

Evolution Of Nigeria.

So what we all know today as Nigeria was created by the British colonial Masters. Early European activities in Nigeria began as Early as the 15th century. They British came to trade with our great grand parents for goods. Later on this trade for goods transformed into trade in humans,which ran for centuries. This trade was later called the Atlantic Slave Trade. And estimation has shown that about 400 to 600 millions of Africans were sold in this obnoxious trade.

Majority of this Africans that were sold were from Nigeria and they were taken to America and Europe.

But because of combination of several factors, the Atlantic Slave Trade was stopped. With the stoppage of the Slave trade the British colonial master then introduced the so call trade they came for the first time ( the legit trade of goods, cotton, palm oil,groundnut oil.)

But our Grandparents were still not convinced to cooperate with this new set of Europeans. Most especially the Yoruba people that were in Lagos, being the most intellectual set of people then and even now, refuse to cooperate with the British traders. Because that, lagos was then bombarded by the British Naval Gunboat in 1861 and they British made it a colony that they called Crown Colony.

The Crown Colony, because it was from this colony that they British continue to extend it rule to the country at large. But the Lagos Colony was not the only colony that the British form, there were they Southern colony and the Northern colony.

All this colony was controlled by the British. With all that was going on, a treaty was signed by the British and some of the rulers in some of the communities, but this treaty was brought to reality in 1900. But before the treaty was brought to reality, the act of having possession of the north and south areas of the River Niger( later Nigeria. Was cemented on the Berlin Conference of 1884/1885)(a topic for another day)

Because of the treaties that was signed, the British traders that were assigned areas south and north of the Niger-Benue confluence began to organise them into protectorate and colonies (Northern and Southern Colony) this colonise which was declared by Lord Lugard on 1st January 1900.

There is more to this great story of Nigeria becoming a political unit.

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