Hello Am A Newbie: Part 2.

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1 year ago

So am all alone in a dark chilled room, frozen from the most amazing voice of all and just speechless and still in doubt, Am all frozen up but my brain is like" How, Why". But that was not all, if it were you what will you do?

The girl you really like calls you what will you say, and there, am back to reality and the big test of life, because I was already flying in high sky of joy.

I could swear that I heard her saying Hello over and over again like a million times, and I was just there like;

"He.......... he........ hello"

then she laughed and said;

"You don't want to talk neh"?

And I began stammering again;

"Am......am ......... so.... am sorry "

" Am sorry I just can't believe it " i added.

She then said; "Believe what..... you saw me in the market today and I was waving at you and you just ignored me right"?

And I was like; " Nooooo.... no.... nooo" as I laid on the bed that was in the room.

"No .... am .. sorry about that, actually I can't explain what happened there in the market, am really sorry about that please " I added.

There and then she said the most sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me;

"Stop saying sorry to me, and stop being formal with me like am some stranger"

OK, OK, OK, just hold up ther for second, I was knocked off everything at that instance... back to being frozen and laying down speechless and I think for those few seconds there I was paralysed if not even death. What do you expect I was a young boy a a lady told me that it meant the world to me and still me a lot to me too.

I was just taking in what she said and was still saying which basically we all know that I was not hearing a leak of what she was saying after that statement there. I was laying down feeling like to just fly away or just dissappear to an unknown world and never come back again.

Just being happy that the love of my life made the most beautiful and I think tempting statement someone has ever and will ever make to me. OK let me explain to y'all.

"Stop saying sorry"....beautiful right I don't know how you all are seeing this but .......Dang!!!!

It knocked me off you guys.

Then the daring and tempting part; "..... and stop being formal with me like am some stranger"

Dang! Dang! Dang! That means she notices me, she has notice me all this years. Oh my God!! Oh God! Oh God!!!!!!!

That will be all for today y'all we will be finishing the rest very soon. There are more.

Thanks for reading

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1 year ago