The Madness of Mosquitoes

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9 months ago

As the oak tree outside my window rustles in the summer breeze, I'm slipping off to sleep. Peaceful. Dreamy. Safe.

I'm about to go off to sleep when I hear a loud buzzing. An irritating annoyance has shattered any hopes of a peaceful night's rest. Buzzzzzzzz...buzzzzzzzz...buzzzzzzz. Mosquitoes are the only creatures capable of making this sound. How did it get into the building in the first place, anyway? Buzzzzz...buzzzzzzz.

I swat and smack at this annoying insect in order to get rid of it. Confident in my own abilities, I'm confident in my capacity to attain it. I'm going to drag it down from the sky and put an end to its pain and anguish there. Cockroaches are no match for my aggressive attacks. As a result, I swing from side to side, from my head to my stomach, and all over the place. A sliver of sleep isn't lost on me. My fierce onslaught would destroy everything in its path! In the wrong hands, I could be mistaken for some sort of maniacal windmill. Now that it's gone, there can be no arguing with that. With my arms swinging in the air, I had no choice but to swat and swat at it. On the floor somewhere, there is probably a corpse. All of this can wait till the morning of tomorrow when I get up and get it all done.

My snoring has slowed down a bit. There is a resurgence of silence and peace. In the mirror, I can see that my entire body is in a state of agitation. Because of the strain, my muscles start to atrophy. Because I'm paying attention, I know it's stressful. Listening so intensely causes my ears to quiver, making me feel like I'm on edge. Silence. The gift of solitude. No longer do I have to put up with some annoying intruder. Azure water, magnolia-like white cloud cover, and soft sand surround me on this beach. Leaves rustle in the wind. A series of buzzing noises wakes me up. In no way, shape, or form!

My guess is correct this time around. I turn on the lamp and put on a T-shirt before settling in for the evening. Nothing. My eyes are like those of an eagle, always examining the surroundings. I should be referred to as "Eagle Eye" because I never fail to see anything. Despite this, I examine the light closely and find nothing. Do lights attract mosquitoes? That does seem to be the situation. I'm clenching my T-shirt tight as I can while I scan the room, looking at the walls and the ceiling. Nothing. Silence. I can't stop staring at the light. Although I'm a little sluggish, I'm prepared to reply. Nothing. Silence. As I wait, I'm as rigid as a board. Nothing has happened so far.

However, I keep the light on in order to be able to see. That T-shirt has a solid hold on my hand right now. Cockroaches are drawn to light, so if one is still lurking in the shadows, I can swat it away and get some shut-eye that night. As you know, I'm eagerly expecting to hear from you. I take note as a car passes by. The wind rustles the leaves. How am I meant to hear the buzz in the midst of all this commotion? Make sure the window is closed before going back to bed and grabbing my deadly weapon. Yes, I'm ready to go now that I can hear. Now the breeze won't bother me. I've got my eye on the prize. I'm running out of patience. When I get up, I roam about for a while before lying down again. I've figured out how much room I have in my apartment. Hello, my name is Eagle Eye. I make great use of both ears. This is a good thing to see. For some reason, I was destined to take on this difficult task.

My back is starting to tense up a little. I can't sleep on my back anymore. I'm forced to turn around. I'm going to turn around and face the sun immediately. It's time to expose this unsightly annoyance. The only thing I need to do is keep an eye on the immediate vicinity of the light source. A pillowcase was used to enclose the T-shirt. It has been decided to take a fresh strategy. That's an excellent strategy. Ready and eager, I'm ready to go. A single blow will put an end to this war. Once and for all, that pesky bug will be history.

You can't miss it; it's clinging to the wall like super glue. After the third time through, I'm going to call it a day. It's possible that this is just the beginning. One? Two? Three? ASSAULT! SMACK! SWITCH! It's finally here!

That annoying critter has finally been eliminated after a long battle. As for the shattered lamp, I'm sure I'll just sweep it up first thing in the morning.

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9 months ago