Story of a woman and her shoes

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1 year ago

The woman silently got on the train; If his eyes hadn't fallen, I wouldn't have realized that his eyes were blinking. At any moment those tears seem to fall. I looked at his feet, saw bare feet, a pair of shoes in his hands. A small child wrapped in a blanket on his lap; The baby is not making any noise. The woman approached the passengers and said something in a low voice, but her words covered the peddler's voice. The woman approached me on one side of the train.The woman kept her face down so that other passengers could not see the tears rolling down her face. Then a woman approached him and said softly, ‘I will buy a pair of shoes from you.’ Then the woman with the shoes in her hand asked hopefully, ‘Buy it, right? Will you buy it? The other woman laughed and shook her head, then took a large note in her hand and left with a pair of shoes.As soon as I saw what had just happened, a verse from the Qur'an came to my mind “Spend for the poor who are unable to walk on the earth because they are blocked in the way of God; The ignorant people think that they are in a state of restraint because they refrain (from begging). You can recognize them by their signs. ” [Surat al-Baqara: 283]

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