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1 year ago
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People need to accept that Crypto is not going anywhere. The fact that it is correcting itself shows me that it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

HODL does not stand for "Hold on for dear life" for nothing! There are going to be times when Bitcoin falls 20% to 60%. It has to correct itself before it can rise again from my understanding. Everything that goes up must come down kind of thing.

I was bummed when I saw the recent news about Crypto falling but something is different this time. I am not afraid, because I know the power of Crypto and I know that it is unstoppable. The way we used to do things is not working anymore. The American dollar has less use to me then Crypto at the moment. I see promise and security in the future if people realize what is going on and stick together and stay strong. We are not sheep and we do not need to follow anyone. Who cares what some rich guy said in the top of his huge mansion. We all know the system is broken and more and more news is coming out of corrupt government.

HODL is the only thing you need to be thinking right now. We are free so they can not restrict Crypto from us, but they sure as hell can try to scare us away from it. Hold on tight people. I have a good feeling it will be worth it in the end.

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