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What is Bitcoin & How to Work in Bitcoin & Bitcoin in Bangladesh

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Nowadays, Bitcoin has become a much more popular and prevalent subject. And, a lot of people want to know about Bitcoin And so, today I will talk about what Bitcoin is, "How Bitcoin works, how you can buy and sell Bitcoin and finally open a Bitcoin account". As a result of the use of the Internet, human life today is greatly improved and digital technologies can be easily adopted. With the facility to receive any kind of information, we can do STTTT, "online shopping", "hotel booking", "car I cab booking", "train & flight ticket booking" and thousands of other things through the internet at home.

These methods and rules include blogging and the "YouTube channel" CESTI. Besides, there are many opportunities to make money from bitcoin. Many of you may have heard of what bitcoin is or what bitcoin is. However, for those who don't know anything about Bitcoin right now, I wrote this article today.


Bitcoin is a "virtual currency" that anyone can use "digitally". Just as there are other currencies, such as the dollar, the rupee, etc., so there is bitcoin and a kind of currency. And, we can't feel these kinds of virtual coins holding hands, we can't even see them with our eyes. Therefore, Bitcoin is also called "digital currency" However, it can also be called electronic money Bitcoin is a type of currency that can only be bought and sold digitally online. Using this type of digital currency or electronic money, you can do online transactions in different fields.Bitcoin can only be deposited in online wallets. Moreover, in case of any online bitcoin transaction, you need to use this wallet app or website Because, as I said before, "Bitcoin can't be seen in hand and can't be seen with the naked eye, this type of cryptocurrency can only be expressed in numbers. The value of bitcoin (1bitcoin value) will vary from country to country. Now a simple question may be coming to your mind.

"How much money(in Bangladeshi TAKA) is equal to 1 bitcoin?

1 bitcoin equals 6,04,874.40 Bangladeshi Taka ".

But remember, this value of 1 bitcoin keeps getting lower every day. So, it is not necessary that the number I have given should be the same forever ৷ maybe tomorrow, twice as much. Or it may be less ৷ Hey, it seems to be in the opinion of the share market (share market), so it is ৷ However, there is no link in the corner of Bitcoin with the share market.However, Bitcoin has no link with the stock market.

In other words, what is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin means a decentralized virtual currency, a type of currency that has no bank, authorities or government to control. In other words, the owner of the corner of bitcoin. No 6 Just as there is no owner in the corner of the Internet but we are all benefiting from using it, in the same way, there is no owner in the corner of Bitcoin but anyone can use this currency digitally. I hope you understand the meaning of "bitcoin"

Who invented Bitcoin?

In 2009, a man named "Satoshi Nakamato" discovered bitcoin However, the popularity and popularity of Bitcoin at that time was never the same as it is today. According to the website, when Bitcoin was invented in 2009, between 2009 and 2010, the value of 1 bitcoin was almost non-existent. However, in March 2010, 1 bitcoin equals $ 0.003 and in July $ 0.008- $ 0.08. Then, from 2012 to about 2013, the value of 1 bitcoin increased rapidly.

If you wish, you can take the "history of bitcoin"from the wikipedia website. Then, by the way, the value of 1 bitcoin in this day and age of 2020 is a few lakhs of rupees (as in Google. So imagine, if you had bought something within the first 2 to 3 years of the introduction of bitcoin, you would own a few lakhs of rupees today instead of 100 or 200 rupees). However, if I had known, I would have bought it too. And, in this way, a lot of people are making money through bitcoin ৷ but, there are some things called fortune and fortune that do not happen to everyone.

How to BITCOIN Works?

See how Bitcoin works, there is no point in taking this question in a more complex way. Let's face it - most people don't know how to make Bitcoin work As I said before, Bitcoin is a kind of electronic currency or digital currency. And, for the use, exchange or purchase of this type of currency, the Internet is needed.

For example,

nowadays there are many types of online wallet apps, such as "paytm", "free-charge", etc. Just as we can transfer money digitally from our own app to someone else's wallet app without holding or looking at the money, just like Bitcoin and a type of virtual money that can never be seen by hand. You can or can't see with your eyes.

This whole process is done virtually or digitally through the Internet However, in order to buy, sell or exchange Bitcoin, you need to use either a Bitcoin "app" or "Website". Or you can buy and sell Bitcoin as you need through apps. In general, people buy Bitcoin only when the demand in the market decreases.

Because, when the demand in the market is low, then the value of every bitcoin will go down So, you can buy more bitcoin by spending less money Again, when the demand for bitcoin rises again in the market, its price will remain high. And, this is when you can sell low-priced Bitcoin again, making more profit or making money. You can also find out about the current value of Bitcoin through apps or websites.

How to Open a Bitcoin Account?

Bitcoin can only be deposited electronically online So, in order to buy Bitcoin, we first need a 'Bitcoin Wallet' account. To play a wallet account, you need to go to a bitcoin wallet and register. Bitcoin wallets can be of different types For example,

• Desktop wallet

• Mobile wallet

• Online wallet

• Hardware wallet.

Of these, we have to create an account using a wallet These wallets give us an ID, as a unique address. With this unique address or ID, we can deposit future earned Bitcoin into our wallet account. Now, two apps are most commonly used for playing bitcoin accounts

• Unocoin

• Zebpay


Unocoin is a very good and user friendly website, which can be used to easily open a JK Bitcoin account. With this, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin.

Unicoin has a lot of features for which many people are buying bitcoin using this website. Features:

1. Zero% Fees

2. Simple integration

3. No charge-backs

4. OTC trading

5. Auto sell bitcoin

6.Netki: You can create your own bitcoin address.

7. In case of better security, there is the advantage of 2 step authentication.

To play a bitcoin account, you can create a bitcoin wallet account by downloading the Unicoin app and submitting some information and documents.


Zebpay is a very user friendly website, from where we can easily buy bitcoin. Zebpay has been proven to be the best application for buying Bitcoin and buying Bitcoin, Features of Zebpay

1. Here it is possible to recharge mobile and DTH through Bitcoin.

2. You can buy Amazon, Flipkart and Make My Trip vouchers. Via bitcoin.

3. The fastest way to buy Bitcoin.

4. Many can safely buy and sell Bitcoin.

5. It is possible to buy and sell bitcoin from mobile using this application.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

you need to download this Zebpay app first Moreover, you can register an account by going to zebpay's website Then you have to register the account with some information and documents Finally, after approving the account, you can buy Bitcoin and sell it as you should. So, in India, there are currently two good and popular websites or apps for playing Bitcoin account.

How to earn bitcoin?

There are basically three main ways or means to earn bitcoin.

The first and most popular way is to buy Bitcoin with money, if you have the money you can buy a complete Bitcoin for money. Currently, however, you have to spend 7 7251 to buy a complete bitcoin. Moreover, if you want, you can buy six parts or units of Bitcoin Just like 100 paise for 1 taka, just like a bitcoin has many six units (both called satoshi).

1 bitcoin contains 100 million satoshi. And, you can buy these six satoshi s by spending a lot less money If you want you can buy 100, 200 rupees, 1000 rupees or 10,000 rupees or six bitcoin units. And in the future, when the value of the bitcoin you buy becomes higher, you sell your bitcoins for more money. He will be able to make a profit.

The second way is,

if you are selling a product online. Then you can take bitcoin from the customer in return In this way, your product will be sold and you will be able to earn some amount of bitcoin in return.The bitcoin taken in this way will be deposited in your bitcoin wallet account Moreover, if you want, you can sell those bitcoins at a higher profit in the future or use them for buying and selling.

The third way to earn bitcoin,

the third and most popular way to earn bitcoin is bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is a completely different matter and you must have a lot of knowledge about it, in this case you will need a computer and its processor and hardware must be more advanced and powerful. Let's take a look at what bitcoin mining is all about.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

We use Bitcoin for online payments or transactions, and, when such Bitcoin is transacted online, the transactions are verified. Those who verify these bitcoin transactions are called miners. And, this process of verifying bitcoin transaction is called bitcoin mining.These miners must have a high performance computer system When it comes to verifying a transaction, they see. That the transaction was done correctly? What kind of lattice process or medium was not used there? This type of verification of bitcoin transactions resulted in some bitcoin being given as a gift to bitcoin miners. And in this way, they are able to earn a good amount of bitcoin Moreover, this is how new bitcoin mining is going to come to the market.However, anyone can do the work of Bitcoin Minor.

But, as I said before, in this case you will need a strong and high performance comments computer system which is not possible for everyone to buy.

Our Last Word,

I hope friends, what is bitcoin, how does bitcoin work, how to earn bitcoin and all the questions you had about bitcoin mining, I was able to answer all the shots. Thus, a few years ago, the price and demand for Bitcoin was low, so for those who bought Bitcoin at that time, today is an opportunity to make a lot of profit. However, if you are currently thinking of buying Bitcoin, then think a little Because, at the present time its demand and price has increased more and more. And so, whether there is a chance to gain in the future or not is a matter to be judged with the mind

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Written by   410
1 year ago
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