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Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin : Supercars, Private Jets And More

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Being a peer to peer electronic transaction currency Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. Although being a number one currency many of us think its uses limited to crypto trading but the nature of true currency is that you can buy or sell some products or services in return.

So in this article we will see some uses of Bitcoin beyond just trading pair and see what products are being offered for Bitcoin.

So let's dive in...!!

1) Video Games

Starting with my favourite product video games !! Major players in the video game industry like Xbox and PlayStation Network accepts Bitcoin as a payment for games, subscriptions and other services provided by them. Along with the big names, the popular Charity focused game bundle provider called Humble Bundle also accepts Bitcoin for their product.

Back in 2017, Steam, the largest gaming marketplace had dropped support for Bitcoin as a method of payment on marketplace. But this certainly not mean that we cannot buy a game with Bitcoin. To solve this issue a company named Green Man Gaming came up with an idea.

The Green Man Gaming offer steam keys with Bitcoin and you can buy digital version of any game - including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. Another good thing about buying games with Bitcoin is that you get the best and lower prices than of retail marketplace.

2) Precious Metals

Bitcoin is always referred as a 'digital gold' but you can also buy real gold and other precious metals using Bitcoin.

Bitgild and European Mint offers precious metals including gold, platinum and silver for Bitcoin in the form of coins or bars. European Mint uses BitPay as their payment processor with 1% of handling fees while on the other side Bitgild facilitate to buy precious metals using Bitcoin directly from your wallet or an exchange.

3) VPNs

Protecting your online identity and providing a secure internet VPNs are important and it is preferred by hundreds of people from crypto space to use VPN for securing their online presence. Due to its demand Virtual Private Networks are one of the very first products that offer their services for Bitcoin.

You can buy VPN with Bitcoin from reputed providers like NordVPN, Cyberghost, ExpressVPN and other.

4) Luxury Cars

If you are a luxury supercar lover and have enough bitcoins in your wallet to buy them then you can visit to the Bitcoin friendly luxury supercar dealers like BitCars & AutoCoinCars. They have almost every brand which is supposed to be a supercar brand including Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Bugatti and koenigsegg. They take payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Since above supercar dealers are second hand dealers so you are limited to second hand vehicles as most of the car manufacturers don't allow to buy a brand new car with Bitcoin.

But as the the Bitcoin growing its presence at institutional levels some of the car manufacturers are looking to use a bitcoin as a method of payment, this includes the electric car manufacturer Karma Automative, which allows you to buy their brand new cars at their main dealership in Newport beach.

5) Private Jets

If you are not surprised with the supercars then this thing is for you !! If you have some bitcoins worth around $40 million dollars, then yeah this is your deal. Aviatrade, a firm which sells variety of aircrafts, has recently added Bitcoin as payment method for purchasing aircrafts like you can buy Gulfstream G650ER for $40 million using Bitcoin.

Gulfstream G650ER (src :

We have seen pretty cool things that you can buy with Bitcoin but my personal view is that until the common people cannot buy their daily things like vegetables, milk and other household things with Bitcoin until then it is not going to beat the fiat currency.

Share what you think about my view and yours too in comments.

Hope you found this article informative and enjoyed reading it. Please share what things you want to buy what's Bitcoin.

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Written by   471
1 year ago
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Bitcoin BTC can be used, because of very high fees, only for very expensive goods.

Here you can find where you can spend Bitcoin Cash nearly without fees.

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Yup, recently BTC network is also facing some high fees issues like ETH network. N thanks for the directory

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Wow.. Bitcoin is really for the rich 😅

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I have subscribed you dear friend on my dear friend
some bitcoins worth around $40 million dollars, then yeah this is your deal. Aviatrade, a firm which sells variety of aircrafts, has recently added Bitcoin as

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