Mind-Boggling NFT Sales On Ethereum Protocol till This Day!

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We all saw the hype days of the Non-Fungible Tokens, which includes the buzz around NFTs in crypto communities and traditional news media, tons of new NFT projects launching on a daily basis, and the integration of NFT into the ecosystem of the existing projects, adoption by the athletes, celebrate, politicians, and other popular personalities and this crazy NFTs hype brought the mind-boggling sales in the history of NFTs. This article will look into the mind-boggling NFT deals that occurred over Ethereum Protocol.

What Are NFTs?

Before diving directly into the list of sales let's have some basic understanding of the Non-Fungible Tokens so that it would be easy but still hard to absorb why someone will pay that huge amount of money for NFTs.

So as i already mentioned NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. The simplified definition of the NFT is that it is a unique digital asset that is bound with metadata. NFT can be considered technology and it can be used in various sectors but the most popular use cases of NFTs right now are in the art and the sports industries.

Top Sales On Ethereum Protocol:

Now without any further due let's dive into the crazy NFT sales:

3) Ringers #109

This NFT is part of 1000 generative art NFTs created by Dmitri Cherniak. Generative arts are the type of arts that are randomly generated with the help of algorithms. The Ringers collection is generated using Javascript and the special name of that script is p5js. And Ringers #109 is one of the rarest generated art in the entire collection.

The Ringers #109 was minted on the 31st of January using the Art Block platform and on the Ethereum chain. In the trading history of this particular NFT, it has been bought only once on the 2nd of October 2021 for 2100 ETH which was worth around $6.93 Million at that market rate of Ethereum and it has been transferred once after the initial purchase.

Sold Price: 2100 ETH (~$6.93M)

OpenSea: Ringers #109 on OpenSea

Owner: Owner of Ringers #109

2) Right-click and Save As guy

This NFT was minted by an artist called xcopy (anonymous name) on the SuperRare platform known for its authentic NFTs. The NFT has a sarcastic title, dealing with that time topic of, "why would someone purchase an NFT if you can 'right-click & save?'". This NFT is not part of any series and it was minted four years ago.

The very first purchase of this NFT was for 1 ETH which costs $90 at that moment of purchase, then the second re-sell was at 99 ETH ($174,195) and then the latest previous sale was at 1600 ETH ($7.09M)

Sold Price: 1600 ETH ($7.09M)

OpenSea: Right-click And Save As guy on OpenSea

Owner: Owner of Right-click and Save As guy

1) CryptoPunk #9998

You might have heard about the CryptoPunk collection, this is supposed to be the OG of the NFTs. And these are some of the earliest NFTs in space and they were launched before the ERC-721, the standard for NFTs. CryptoPunk collection is undoubtedly one of the premium and costliest collections in the entire NFT space.

This particular CryptoPunk #9998 is a female with green clown eyes, wild white hair, and black lipstick. The latest sale of this NFT was on the 28th of October for the mind-boggling amount of 124,457.06 ETH which was worth around $529.77M at that time of the purchase. This deal acted as fuel for NFT hype and actually started the NFT hype, Entire news media whether it be crypto-focused or traditional media were talking about this sale.

Sold Price: 124,457.06 ETH ($529.77M)

OpenSea: CryptoPunk #9998 on OpenSea

Owner: Owner of CryptoPunk #9998

This is the list of some crazy NFT deals that occurred on the Ethereum chain. Although it has been seen that the hype of NFT s is slowing down but it is certainly not over yet and we also don't know if there is another rally of NFT hype. But one thing is for sure, these deals will always be astonishing in the entire crypto and the NFT space.

Hope you guys liked this article and enjoyed reading it!

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