History of SuperBowl and Top 3 Winners of All Time

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Origin of SuperBowl

SuperBowl is an championship game of the very popular soccer league i.e NFL (National Football League). The reason behind the origin of this tremendously popular game among soccer fans all over the world is the part of merger agreement between the traditional rivals in the industry, National Football League and the AFL (American Football League). The very first SuperBowl match was played on 15th January 1967 between NFL's Green Bay Packers and AFL's Kansas City Chief. It was held at Los Angeles Coliseum. Bay Packers took the precious title of winning the first 'champions-game', SuperBowl. To the date NFL & AFL both shares 27-27 equal SuperBowl wins.

TOP 3 Teams To Appear & Win SuperBowl

You can sense the prestige of the the game, as even the appearance in the game is counted in records !! Following three teams are the top 3 teams to appear in the SuperBowl games.

New England Patriots

Patriots sets a record for appearing 11 times in the annual championship game and they're not on the top just for most appearances but they're also the highest SuperBowl winners. Patriots won 6 SuperBowl games, which shows that the Patriots are the real champions.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Listing about records and not seeing Steelers in the list? Not possible !! This team is at number two when we consider the most appearances in the SuperBowl game but they won the game same as that of Patriots, yes 6 times. Now if we consider the winning rate then Steelers definitely steal the number one !! As the winning rate of Patriots is 54.54% whereas the winning rate of the Steelers is 75%, now you decide who's the real champion. Tell me your champions in the comment.

Dallas Cowboys

This is another BIG name in the world of soccer, the Dallas Cowboys !! It is not possible to not list this team in any of the record lists. Dallas Cowboys share the same position in the list of most appearances in SuperBowl game as that of Steelers but in winners list they're at number three with five wins.

There are another two teams which are listed individually in different lists. It'll be unfair to not mention their accomplishments.

Denver Broncos shares the number two position in the list of most appearances but they're not in winner's list as they won 3 SuperBowl games.

There's another team, San Francisco 49ers share the same position with Dallas Cowboys in the list of winners, as they won 5 SuperBowl matches. But they could not make to another list as they appeared 7 times in SuperBowl. But on the other hand they're ahead of the Cowboys in the winning rate with 71% winnings.

So these are the stars of the list. But even appearing once or winning once is great accomplishment for the teams, so if you didn't find your home team in the list then checkout their rankings in the charts (src:statista) below and share it with proud !!

Now let's see how many times your favourite team won the 'champions-game'.

So this is it for now !! Hope you enjoyed the post. By the way don't forget to share ranking of your favourite team.

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