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3 years ago

Mosharraf Karim is one of the most beloved actors in Bangladesh.

I don't like drama so much. But when I want to watch dramas, I watch the comedy dramas of Mosharraf Karim.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

Mosharraf Karim was born on 22 August 1971. His ancestral home is in Barisal.

He once said in an interview ,,,,,,

His acting skills were born in the school theater.

After passing high school, his love for acting went to another level. He joined Tariq Anam Khan's Natyakendra Mancha Dal.

There is nothing to say about his work. His comedy comedy dialogues in comedy dramas and his funny works are my favorite.

His plays Ghaura Majid, Har Kipte, Jamj, Sikander Box, Para and many more Bengali dramas including this series are very popular.

He performs well not only in comedy but also in other characters.

He has acted in a few movies.

Such as:

Triumph, fairy tale, Cinnamon Island, Third Person Singular Number, Butterfly, Television, Jalal's Story, Anonymous, Orange Rocket.

His movies are very good. A different storytelling movie.

Good luck to the beloved man

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