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Why we should use Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

Bitcoin Cash is peer to peer electronic cash system. The block size of bitcoin cash has increased to 32M. And the block time is 10 minutes. Bitcoin Cash has its own Blockchain.It works like a digital currency and it was created for the easiness of people.

Bitcoin Cash is a online currency. It was created due to the dispute among the BTC developers. Sometimes it is called bcash. It is an offshoot of bitcoin .It performs a similar function and it was designed to be a digital decentralized that is not constrined by government or geographical borders.

Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

  • Safety of identity

    You can send money from one place to an other place without showing your identity. You can send your money in the form of bitcoin cash. In this way you can avoid from the fear of stolen identity .

  • Instant payment

    You will get the amount instantly what you will send. You will not have to wait for transactions. You can send the money when you want and you can get the money at the same time. There is no waiting time.

  • Bitcoin Cash block is eight time bigger than bitcoin block. That is why bitcoin cash is faster, cheaper and scalable than bitcoin .It means that more people can transact on the blockchain at any given time .Due to all this bitcoin cash is becoming more and more adopted day by day.

  • I suggest my all friends to invest in Bitcoin Cash due to many reasons. The block size of bitcoin cash is 8MB as compared to bitcoin which has 1MB. The block size of bitcoin cash is further increased and now it is 32MB. The overall scalability of the network has increased which results in fall of transactions fee.

  • Bitcoin Cash has customizable and cheap transactions .It has EDA.

    It has secure and immutable block chain.

  • Bitcoin Cash is almost at the top of all cryptocurrency exchanges.and this ensure a high degree of ease and convenience in buying and selling this coin.

  • Bitcoin Cash is based on well developed technology .It can be used by consumers and is easy to use as compared to Bitcoin .

  • Bitcoin Cash has cheaper transfer fee almost 0.004$ pr transaction.If you make transactions in BCH you will save your money than using Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Cash has faster transfer rate as compared to bitcoin which takes 10 minutes to verify a transaction. BCH can handle more transactions per second .so more people can use BCH at the same time than at BTC.

There are many users of noise cash in my city who are promoting BCH everywhere.

This picture is made at a medical Store where you can buy medicine with BCH.

This is a sweet shop where you can buy sweets by transferring BCH. I think this is a huge revolution in our country Pakistan.

This is a general store and they are also accepting BCH.

I am happy that our efforts are bringing fruits.

Here are links of some famous users who are working for the promotion of BCH.

There are so many people in Pakistan which are working for BCH promotion.

Thank you for reading.

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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