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When Love Meets The Ring...

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1 year ago

It's a crazy world you know...

Crazy in a positive way and not in the negative but then, I must say that it has been a good year especially for me and my friends even though we lost some good friends yet we are and will always remain thankful to God for his mercy.

I know you must be wondering why or where I'm directing this post...

Hmmm 🤔...

You just have to be patient a little because I have learnt to live my life with patience. Patience is a virtue that is mostly neglected by most of us because we have misinterpreted patience to be either giving room for delay or not working hard or putting greater effort into achieving our desired goal so this has made patience to be seen as a poor mans way of life.

But I want to let you know that patience is the only virtue that will keep you happy even when it looks like the odds are against you.

Oh my gosh...

I have just digressed and I'm sorry...

Back to the born of contention. Ok, my very good friend celebrated his girlfriends birthday yesterday night and it was a fun-filled night but something happened during the cause of the event which took every one of us by surprise including his girlfriend.

Can you make a guess???

It was sincerely the climax of the event...

I know your ear is itching right now because you can't wait any longer but you must not forget the great virtue called patience so try and put it into practice now.

Ok, back to my story but before I forget let me use this opportunity to say a big congratulations to all the UU family for the graduation ceremony which took place yesterday and to all the staff members I want to say a big thank you for your numerous support and love which has kept us all going even in our difficult moments.

To my sweet chancellor Tiger Lily, I know that God has already completed His work in your life and what we are witnessing is its daily fulfilment. Ma'am, I want you to know that God has answered your secret prayers so rejoice and be happy. Thank you for your love and contagious laughter.

Please pardon my manners, I should not have digressed again but let me trace my way back to the main story and that is the story of my friend's girlfriends birthday and the surprise right???

Ok, as the event was going on smoothly, my guy just knelt and boom! he proposed 💍and the entire place was set on fire with shouts of joy from the girl and her friends including all the guys too.

It was a wonderful night... 

So we have already started with the wedding plans... Of course, she said a big yes.

It's going to be a loud wedding but then I think I'm the next in line lol did I just say that? Don't mind me I'm just excited for my friend...

Hope you were patient enough to read about my appreciation to UU staff and my sweet Chancellor?

Ejimadu loves you...

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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