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The results of BCH awareness in my university

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1 year ago

Bitcoin Cash is peer to peer electronic cash. It has made its place in top ten cryptocurrencies. Soon it will be at the top of all currencies. It is preferred on all currencies due to its benefits over other currencies. These benefits are

Minimum transaction fee 
Instant payment 
Highest no of transactions per second 

Due to all these reasons bitcoin cash is most famous all over the world.

In my last article i told about my plan to spread BCH awareness in my university. Here is the link of my last article

I start my journey from my family first. I told about Bitcoin Cash to my cousins. I told them about


Noise cash

The result is that all of my cousins are using noise cash and read cash sites. They are all dealing with BCH.

They know all about bitcion cash and its fame. All of them are holding BCH for future. They are very happy and still asking me the other sites for BCH earnings.

I am providing the links of my some cousins that are working on noise cash and are working for BCH .















After this i told my friends about Bitcion cash. Some friends are holding BCH for future. All of my friends are usning these sites for earning bitcoin cash. They all mostly asked me about the price of BCH. They asked me about wallets for BCH. I suggest all of them to use bitcoin wallet.

One day i told my all class fellows about Bitcion Cash. I told them them the worth of BCH .I told them the complete steps of noise cash. How to use these sites.

Although it was a difficult task because all the fellows were unaware of cryptocurrencies before. But succeed to convey them all the details and at last convinced them.

First of all i made myself all the withdrawal of my friends. I convert my self BCH into dollars. Then i convert the dollars into our local currency PKR.

When they saw the withdrawal proof they become delighted.

One day i was sitting in the Liberary of my department. One of my fellows came and asked me about the process of BCH withdrawals. When i was telling him the whole process other students of our department gathered there and start listening what i was saying. They all asked me about the story. I repeated the whole story. They joined the noise cash at that time for BCH earning.

On the next day i visit Saraiki department and told the students about BCH and earning methods.

I have forgotten to tell you all about the reason why I joind these sites. I belong to a poor family. My father is unable to bear all my educational expenses. I was looking for some part time job. One day my friend told me about read cash and noise cash. I start working on these sites and these sites help me a lot to fulfill my educational expenses. Through these sites i paid my last semester fee. Now am collecting money for the next semester fee.

Due to Bitcoin Cash i am able to pay my university fee. This thing motivated me a lot.

Now am convincing my poor friends about BCH. All are working on it.

And this is pride for me that now my city people are fimilar with crypto currency. They knew about Bitcion cash.

The students of my university are now well aware of Bitcoin Cash.

Last month j made a facebook page for the promotion and awareness of BCH everywhere. I think this is great to promote BCH through social media.

All this make me happy .Now our BCH community is growing very fast.

Our efforts are bringing fruits. We are promoting BCH for future because our dreams will come true through Bitcoin Cash.

I love BCH 😍😍

I love noise cash

I love read cash

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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