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Polution is a serious problem

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1 year ago

Pollution is a serious problem today and intellectuals and scientists are working for it.Government agencies and private organizations from time to time

hold workshops and seminars in different cities to make people aware of the issues.Efforts are also being made through newspaper articles and electronic media, but no pollution can be controlled.

If pollution is not controlled, diseases arise that are impossible to treat.

Pollution refers to the deterioration of the ratio of natural elements in the atmosphere and the earth.

In a healthy atmosphere the proportion of natural elements is Nitrogen Eighty percent Oxygen Twenty and the other one percent

According to Baker, pollution is the excess of unnecessary or harmful elements in the natural environment.

If we keep our environment clean, we can avoid this pollution.

That is why everything always starts with our home. When we keep our house clean, then we will be able to keep the country clean. It has to be kept clean and the pile of dirt has to be thrown out and burnt.

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