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My dream +My regret

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1 year ago

My article's title is so strange and stupid. But i will explain it.

My regret

One year ago when the covid -19 made destruction everywhere in the world. I am a student of university. So all the educationtional institutions were closed for a long time.

One of my friends told me about online earning. Uptrennd is a platform through which i started my work. But don't get anything from it.

I got a scholarship from my university and my friend asked me to buy some coins. At that time i had no idea about cryptocurrency so i bought 1UP tokens of 15 thousands (50$).

My friend told me that the price of 1UP will increase very soon and you will get a handsome amount. But yet the price is very low. At that time the value of BCH was very low. If i bought half BCH then today i had a lot of money.

My regret is that i should purchase BCH instead of 1UP tokens.

Now i can't do anything except to regret. Now i have no money to purchase BCH.


My dream is that somehow i want to hold some amount of BCH for a long time. May be it may change my life and fullfill my dreams. But i don't know how can i achieve my goal. But still i have a hope that i can do that.

I am working on read cash and noise cash. I hope soon i will be able to hold some amount of BCH.

And i know some personalities who give support to small users.

@Mr. Marc de Mesel


@Mr. Ulf


My noise cash admins

I am satisfied that i have created a large family of my friends to promote BCH awareness in their areas. All these members have a social network.

All these are promoting BCH in their areas. I talk to all of them daily .

We have registered a lot of users to noise cash.

I am proud to be a member of BCH family.

Love BCH 😍

Love read cash

Love noise cash

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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