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How i spread Bitcoin Cash awareness?

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1 year ago

I am working on different sites for a long time. Some sites give instantly withdrawals and other do not give. Some sites are fraud. They don't give anything to the users.

First of all 2 years ago one of my friends told me about Uptrend platform. He told me about it in a good way. This is the platform where we have to do posts and we get upvotes on our posts. These upvotes are basically the 1UP tokens. 1UP tokens are also cryptocurrency. But its price is very low until now. This is an athentic site but earnings are very slow due to low price of 1UP tokens.

I hope that its price will increase very soon.

Second site is readcash on which till am working. This is also an amazing site.

Here we can also make short posts as well as we can write an article.

On this site there is a robot who is called The Random Rewarder. Yeah this Random Rewarder check the posts and give tips to the user in dollars.

We can earn free bitcoin cash from this site. This is really amazing site. Many of my friends are still working on it and earning a handsome amount of money.

The 3rd and most important site is Noise cash. This is fantastic site to earn BCH. Here we have to posts on any topic in any language and you will get reward from the users as well as from the admins.

Admins also give rewards on good quality posts.

The intersting thing is that it give rewards in bitcoin cash.

I heard about this site from one of my friends. I realized that this is an amazing site where we can earn free bitcoin cash.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcion cash is a cryptocurrency that has been created for the for easy transactions and for the benefits of us.

It is created by a fork of BTC .I know that BTC is at the top of all currencies. But there are some drawbacks of using BTC.

1: A large amount of transaction fee. We have to pay a large amount of money for the withdrawals. Even if you want to withdraw 1 dollar you have to pay 3 to 4 dollars of transaction fee which is not good.

2: There is a limit of withdrawals on BTC. You can't accede the limit. You can perform a few transactions per day.

3: You can made a few transactions in a second which is not good. We have to be very fast.

There should be an alternative of that currency through which we can get rid of these useless problems .

Yeah yeah now i have a solution for this.

Here is a best cryptocurrency that is amazing.

What is that currency???

Yeh it is Bitcoin Cash. Love bitcoin cash 😍.

I always use bitcoin cash and made all my transactions through Bitcoin Cash.

There are many reasons for this.

1: Very low transaction fee.

You have to pay minimum amount for withdraw. You can withdraw a large amount with minimum transaction fee.

This is a great achievement. Now we can save money by using BCH.

2: instantly payment. While using BCH your payment received you very instantly. You don't have to wait a long time.

And there are many more benefits of it.

I am promoting BCH and noise cash.

I have a plan to promote BCH awareness.

My plan is that i will visit my university's different departments .

In the universities all the people are educated and they can understand it in a good way.

Mostly of my class fellows are now using noise cash and BCH.

All the students want to do part time job but they don't have any field to work.

I shall told them about noise cash, read cash and BCH.

It will help them to earn a handsome amount of money in the free time. I know this is difficult to convince them but sitll i hope that i can do this.

I will show them withdrawls proof and convince them.

In this way they will start working on it. I hope that my plan will succeed.

But am happy that i have promoted BCH and noise cash to all my friends and relatives.

There many other platforms through which we can spread awareness of bitcoin cash.

1 whatsap

Whatsap is the mostly used platforms by all the people of world. There are many whatsap groups where we can spread BCH awareness. We can tell to our friends about BCH and its transactions.

2 facebook

Facebook is the other platform where people all around the world are participating. We can make possible there.

3 instagram

4 twitter

5 Uptrennd

6 Hive

7 Swirge

All these are the platforms where we can spread awareness of BCH.

Love BCH 😍

Love noise cash 😍

Love read cash

Promoting BCH

Thanks for reading my article.

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Written by   71
1 year ago
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