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Greetings people

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1 year ago

Today is the last day of the year 2020.

1 year more just ending of our lives. 

This year brings happiness and sorrows equally for us. 

I would like to say thank you to all.

🌹Thanks to those people:

Who worried about me and shows their love and care for me. They realized they love me a lot. My existence in their lives is worthy.😊😊

🌹Thanks to those people:

Who loves me. Whose feeling is pure for me. By doing so they have made their place in my heart.😘😘

🌹Thanks to those people:

Who hates me because of their hate and negative thinking about me made me strong.

🌹​Thanks to those people:

​Who came in my life temporary, for the time being then leave me. And realise me this realty that everything does not last in this world.

🌹​Thanks to those people:

​Who enter in my life. Who help me in groom my personality. They make me incredible as I never think.


​Who gave me the strength to bear all kind of circumstances.

This has been a tough year for many.  Someone's dream is taken away, someone loses their beloved.  May the coming year be a source of mercy for all.

May ALLAH ALMIGHTY shower HIS blessings on everyone.

Thank you.

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