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God help those who help others..

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The mother of a young man was seriously ill and hospitalized in the intensive care unit.  The doctors even said that life and death are in the hands of Allah but now we are disappointed. You should be mentally ready to hear any bad news at any moment. You would go to the hospital to meet your mother in the morning after spending the night at home.  The young man stopped at a petrol pump on the way. While waiting for his turn to refuel, his eyes fell on the wall of the service shop where a cat had placed the baby under an empty box.  Were not  The first thing that came to the young man's mind was where and how such delicate and small children would eat.  As soon as he realized this, he pulled his car to one side and stopped. He bought small fish from a nearby cart and kept it with the kittens.  When the children started eating, he happily went to his car and filled up with petrol and reached the hospital.  As he peeked into his mother's room, the bed was dark under Pa Cross's eyes. With a sinking heart, he asked a nurse, "Where is my mother?"  The nurse said, "Your mother miraculously recovered today.  As soon as he regained consciousness, the doctor said take him outside to get some fresh air, so we put him on the lawn outside the corridor. You can go and see him.  The young man ran to his mother. He greeted her. When she asked about the situation, her mother said, "Son, this morning I had a dream in which a cat and its innocent little children raised their hands towards the sky and prayed for me."  Just as soon as I saw this dream, my eye was opened and you saw the rest of the situation yourself and the young man listened to his mother's words with astonished joy and kept cooling his heart.  Yes, the mercy of this Lord is so great that it encompasses everything. We have not been taught to treat your patients with charity, or it is charity that cools the anger of your Lord.

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