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ArtisiaToken: Adopting the New Security Token Class in the Art Economy

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The desire to invest is steadily gaining interest, particularly in the digital asset world. Numerous projects have come forward to convert assets, in their physical form, into digital tokens. As a result, ownership rights of the virtual tokens continue to change while investors flood the ecosystem. 

Furthermore, advancements like blockchains on these platforms bring many conveniences such as security and trade freedom. To some extent, tokenization of assets is one of the best use-cases in the blockchain network capable of accumulating billions for real-world valuables. 

ArtisiaToken joins the digital asset space by tokenizing art creations through a distributed ledger network. Art lovers now have the opportunity to maximize their profits and facilitate a world-class art experience while engaging with ArtisiaToken.

Creating the Ultimate Pathway for Assets Through Security Tokens

Security tokens exist on the blockchain network and generally entail assets representing specific benefits. The assets are still subject to compliance regulations laws despite residing on the blockchain. Furthermore, security tokens depend on the ecosystem's profits in that the shares are awarded per the entity's performance. Unlike payment tokens, which mainly satisfy transactional services, security tokens leverage the traditional finance system and merge it with blockchain protocols. Artisia has partnered with SWARM Capital to fill their technical needs required for minting security tokens. 

Benefits of Security Tokens

Tokenized assets do not change the asset itself in any way, but rather, it only changes the ownership rights. Below are some advantages security tokens bring to investors.

Immediate Settlements

The blockchain architecture allows for quicker transaction settlements within minutes or even seconds. Security tokens are no different since ownership titles of assets move from one individual to another in the shortest time possible.

A 24/7 Market

Security tokens facilitate access to a 24/7 market compared to a traditional setup that frequently closes its markets. Therefore, investors have the chance to participate in asset trading at any time of the day. On top of that, security tokens provide an up to date status of the market while attracting more investors from different time zones. 


Traditional issuance and ownership changes are expensive procedures to conduct. Further receiving advisory services concerning issuance mechanisms can be strenuous too. Nonetheless, adopting blockchains eliminates any possibility of human errors since it settles every procedure automatically through its smart codes.

Automated Compliance

Security tokens are founded on the grounds of regulations which are hard-coded on the token. Upon adding the asset to a blockchain, it automatically becomes compliant with the existing laws. Therefore, it opens a doorway for the token to be traded in any exchange platform.

ArtisiaToken: The Art-Based Ecosystem

ArtisiaToken functions as the leading art platform welcoming the community to collect, invest, and share artistic materials with the public. Through the blockchain network, ArtisiaToken can tokenize popular artistic collections from around the world. 

At the core of the platform is Artisia, a world-class FinTech company operating (from Zug, Switzerland) under Swiss Law will be fully compliant with FINMA guidelines. Moreso, the platform has a robust corporate structure and partners with various high ranking legal experts and blockchain attorneys such as Dr. Hans Kuhn and DALAW in Switzerland to assure investors protection at all times. It is worthy of mentioning that DALAW's board contains co-founders of the first fully approved real estate security token under FINMA regulations. 

For banking and custodian services, Artisia has selected  SEBA bank also in Zug, Switzerland. SEBA bank is a fully licensed and supervised bank that combines the new financial world of digital assets and DLT technologies with traditional banking. 

Interestingly, art is more of an independent niche unaffected by any economic situation or any other factor outside the economic conditions. 

Art consists of a broader interpretation that may differ in terms of one's perspective to another's. The difference in expression qualifies it to be a profitable industry for many. Artisia plans to accumulate more art collections in its system to level up its value. 

ARTZ Native Token

ARTZ stands as the native token on Artisia, supported by the enormous art collection community. It gains value from the surplus art creations Artisia gathers up, meaning with more collections, ARTZ's value will ultimately surge. 

ARTZ is a payment token, but as time progresses, it will turn into a security token aiming at standing for ownership in the ArtisiaToken Art Collection. Besides, rewards are plentiful for anyone who owns the ARTZ token. 

The first benefit gives you the odds of becoming a part of the largest art collecting community. Another merit for token holders is that investors get partial ownership of ArtisiaToken Art Collection. 

Fractionalizing art pieces may enable the market to reach a desirable level of allocation of assets. The third reward is the ascertainment that investors will reap heavily in the long run since the industry is highly dynamic. 

Redeeming ARTZ

Before purchasing ARTZ tokens, Artisia requires its users to undergo a KYC/AML procedure found on the platform. After successfully purchasing the token, investors buy art creations from the designated artists put in place by the ArtisiaToken ecosystem. Exchanging the token for fiat or other cryptocurrencies will occur after 15-24 months for new venture capitalists.


Based on the context, art shows a positive sign of progressing effectively via Artisia's functionalities. Some of the valuable art that the platform hopes to collect range from paintings, sculptures to antique items. It doesn't stop there, since the collectibles are from the key players in the art industry such as Dali, Picasso, Michelangelo, Donatello, and many more. 

Considering how the art sector is full of forged and fake material, Artisia beefs up its security by carefully investigating an art's authenticity with its experienced partners' help. Art scouts are also on standby to monitor the ownership rights and track an art's provenance, which, in the end, increases the value of the art as well as the ARTZ tokens. 

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