The Proof of Beauty Challenge.

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1 year ago

My friend Paul introduced to Proof of Beauty weeks ago and since it's about NFTs I dove right in to figure it out. What I have learned is that POBs are generated from the transaction hash, and that hash then becomes an abstract piece of artwork representing that specific transaction on the blockchain, as generated by a computer program. In a nutshell, your receipt becomes an art piece.

The minting fee is 0.08 ETH for non-personal hash and only 0.03125 ETH for transactions from your wallet.

The Proof of Beauty NFTs are all uniquely 1/1s, and when I look on them and learn what they represent, new images flitter across my mind. Of course in my mind, they're often followed by the Horde which inspired us to create the 1st and only hybrid NFT, generated and created by an artist. PVM said his POB looks like Italy while I see a smashed window and a zombie staring in.

Have a look at this POB from my wallet, the hash from when I sent Gabriel Haines a zombified version of himself. I like what the algorithm generated and for me it looks like blood. Lots and lots of blood. I see something coming out of the white at the bottom left corner.

Off topic! Here is Gabriel Haines transformed into a zombie. 

Zombified Gabriel was one of my ETH projects and you can check the rest of my work that I have on Opensea.

So now ... here starts the challenge! You can bring a contribution for the most unique NFT that ever existed... just comment a sinister transaction from a scam/hack or a hash that will generate a good background for my hybrid NFT.

The Proof of Beauty will be used as a background for a unique creation, a NFT that will combine random elements, algorithms, paint, zombie and an analysis of modern days. This is how will work: PoB + Art = Apocalypse POB

Will you accept the Hordes Proof Of Beauty challege?

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