Chestahedron Critters

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1 year ago

I continue to play around in the EOS EcoSystem with the only thing I know. Art and to a much lesser extent, gaming. I have started to help people grow a pumpkin in time for halloween, but it has stalled out. The growing season got interrupted by me and, TBH, the lack of end user ability.
Neftyblocks has it figured out and they're going strong. If they could open the door to the EOS side, they would be on top of the food chain for a while.
I know the .Gems people have the architecture in place already, they just need to open it to the public. BUILD THAT UI !
Seriously though. When I first started on the NFT adventure I was on WAX and there was no NEFTY. There was Blenderizer but it was weird. When Nefty showed up and started to offer it up to people for free. BOOOOOOM
extra oh's for extra emphasis.

So anyways. BountyBlok has seen this and they are starting to open up the EOS side of their smart contracts. side note, there is probably a better term than 'open up' but that's what I'm using until advised otherwise

This will allow companies to MASS AIRDROP NFTs to their friends, collectors, or even as rewards for completing tasks. The level of engagement tools like this brought to the WAX platform was priceless. BB combined with NB brought mass gaming appeal to the whole blockchain and it's totally possible to do it on EOS.
We just need to ask them a lot.

I have the green light to test the airdrop. To do so I thought maybe airdropping a thank you to everyone that holds one of my EOS assets. I'll do that later for sure. But to make sure it works, I'll try something smaller. Like giving everyone a chance to get TWO NFTs for the price of 1 EOS

Chestahedron Critter 001

So if you own one of these two Critters, within a day or two you will get it's twin, in full colour.

Chestahedron Critter 002

If everything goes well, these two critters will get painted and within a day or two, I will airdrop the colourized NFTs to the wallets that hold the BW Chestahedron Critters.
Check out my sellers page on Atomichub while you're there.

People want EOS to grow. People want other people to BUY EOS ... so give them a reason and give the artists the keys to the playground and help us build weird and cool things. my two cents.

Thanks for reading my article. Want to stalk me and see more horror art? Here's a long list of my socials and what they are.
Facebook - I seldom use it anymore but it is still a large repository of my work.
Twitter - I am much more active here. By active, I mean I post too much, too often and also too much. So much I had to say it twice.
Telegram - I never used Telegram until I started on NFTs. It's handy place to chill and you can make a bit of DU$T just by chatting with like minded people.
Discord - I am new to Discord, but it is quickly becoming the new home for the Horde. Lots of organizational abilities. Need moare people though.
Other places to find me? Well if you have time, check out where I got my first start in the world of the wide web ... on blogger back in 2009.
The Daily Zombie - it was never daily but it was sometimes. It has a big history of my life, how I started and where I have come from.
One Thousand Zombies Art Project
This was a big one - such a big one that It gets it's own line.

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1 year ago


Are they only B&W or we will see colored versions as well?

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1 year ago

that's a really good question Paul, and thanks so much for asking. the answer is yes. Colourized and eventually mutated versions of all the zickles. it will be a calamity of insanity when things are running full steam ahead :)

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1 year ago

looking forward for that

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1 year ago