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4 months ago

Hello, I’m Byron from Canada and I draw zombies.

If it isn’t zombies then it’s zombie cats or zombie pickles or zombie teeth, You get the idea. 

Speaking of ideas . . . I have more than a few stupid ones I am about to unleash and pseudo document it on four different block chains. I am doing it to prove a point and because I want to show everyone that it can be done.

So what is it and what’s the point? 

Let’s find out.

What I am doing is drawing 20 Stupid Unique Sketchasfuck Smiles. Yes, Sketchasfuck is one word now. So I am creating 20 SUSS characters and putting them all on 4 different blockchains. Every single one is unique to its chain. The point? Just to do it and show how it’s done.


Full disclaimer. This idea first began as a ‘How can I make a buck’ idea. How about … I draw 20 smiles, make nfts, make packs, sell packs, make a few thousand wax. Cash out to buy food or whatever. Not for nothing but doesn’t “make a few thousand wax” sounds pretty cool.


Anyways. That was the plan/idea.
It has evolved now to try to make as much money as possible from the whole idea and document it to show everyone out there that if they follow the artists out there and actually do the research, they can actually put their money towards the artists creating great things in the metaverse and stop getting rugged by the (con)artists that are only here chasing the money. Invest in the artist.


So yeah, I’m chasing the money and only because I don’t have any, or at least not enough. Do I give utility and value and all that other jazz? I like to think I do. People have told me I do. But at the end of the day I still question whether or not I have given value. So I get up the next day and think of other ways to try to reward those that give me another reason to get up the next day again.

There’s a small chance that edibles had something to do with all of this.

More to come           


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4 months ago


Sounds like a top idea 💡

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4 months ago