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2 years ago

My name is Arthur and ever since last year I have dabbling on making money online. I have done it all when it come to no investment free way to make money online . Lot of pit fall to learn what dose not waste my time what work and what just a complete scam.

So far this is a side Hussle a passive income nothing I would give up my Job for.

In my venture to find out what work for me and enjoyed them so much. I norrow them down to 5 thing . Cointiply buzzbrake pickoworker read cash and smart contract.

This are my top sight to use and I all way searching for more .

Referral now a day are a dime a dozen everyone posting there add . I can see how people can pass by and not care . I was one of them who posted every were. Now I learn it not the product you sell it who you are that will sell the product .

If you had a complete stranger come up to you and ask you if you like to go to the ice cream shop and get some ice cream. It be awkward and suspicious and want to leave as soon as you can.

The same situation but it a friend or some one from your family asking you to go get some ice cream . Then it be a joyful experience .

So now on I get to know people online and if there willing to give me that dialogue i can explain to them who im i and what i am all about.

My quest is to teach people how to use and earn free Crypto. And if I see they share in mg passion and enjoy what I have to offer later on i intruce them into smart contract. It's a stepping stone because people don't want to jump into water unless they get a feel for it first.

So I learning to teach other so I made a Facebook group for people to Join to get a taste how to earn free Crypto . I make video i have contests and try to have a fun and positive environment.

Then when I see member who like who chat who are engage in my group. I let them know i have other group i made to continue to make free Crypto.

If they join me all my group then I know they like what I like so I offer them a member ship into main group. So far I've been collecting people with the same passion I have in a group who help me in the background . These member are highly trusted and work together . How they can join is I sponcer them into one of the two smart contract we are involved in . Million Money and Forsaga. In all cases everyone getting paid through the contract plus I use a mythod to place new member in different positions so I can pay other members to complete jobs. Amazing payment system if you know how to miniplate the contract.

Now you know me and what I am all about. Hopefully I can find some one with my passion to get to know. If you are here one of my first Group Conitiply.

If you all ready have Conitiply it ok because we have plenty of mythod we can earn together . If you Join please send me a message and I say hi.

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Written by   7
2 years ago
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