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My addiction

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2 years ago

My addiction was wasting time and money on video games. It gotten so bad I told my girl friend at that time that I was sick just to join a raid on EverQuest 2. 

By the grace of God I started wean myself off of my addiction. No longer playing game that requires all my time and playing easy simple game so I can keep up with my responsibility.

So I got into Idle game then it moved on to game that pay me now it moved on to Crypto games . The further I went the more I got addicted to Crypto . 

Now my addiction of spending money on up grades and raiding with other people to earn treasure changed into working together with people to earn free Crypto. 

My new addition ok now because Now I get financial benifet and it fun . 

If you like to see my addiction in real life please check out my Facebook group and join me to make that free Crypto.

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Every addiction is bad. Whether it's an alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction, drug addiction, or gambling addiction. It makes you dependent and you lose a lot of money and health. Stop it.

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2 years ago

Addiction can lead to a greater understanding . If it can increase my wealth and knowledge it a benifet . Thank you for your advice and greatful for your comment

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2 years ago