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Hello dear friends of read.cash, I hope you are well. My disappearance from here is due to many changes in my life, most of those changes are due to negative circumstances, I really have not been very well to write or answer your comments, much less to read everything you have posted.

I will try to be here often again, but it's kind of hard for me right now.

I want to tell you about a sweet story that goes back to ancient times, but first I want to ask you a question, do you like sweets?

I haven't met a person who tells me that they don't like cake or desserts, everyone I know enjoys eating a delicious sweet, just imagine it, an afternoon with coffee and the dessert you like the most surrounded by your loved ones or alone, what a wonderful afternoon.

I want to talk about desserts because a few months ago was my mother's 60th birthday and to celebrate it I made her 4 different desserts for her to enjoy and share with our family and friends, so these days I have been a little sweet.

Of all the desserts the cake is the most common because it is always present in the events we have, meetings, weddings, birthdays, etc., but we can also enjoy this wonderful dessert any day.

That makes me remember that a few days ago I was at a friend's house that I haven't seen for many years and we made a delicious brownie, watched movies and played chess all night, then I will tell you about my experience with this wonderful dessert.

The cakes

We enjoyed them in all colors, flavors, sizes, shapes, designs, etc., there are even cakes for people who are on a diet or have some kind of allergy to normal cakes. There are cakes so spectacular that we don't want to break them because of how beautiful they are, but this sweet was made to be eaten.

We have all eaten this dessert at least once in our lives, but in the past, cakes were not like they are today. The cakes looked more like round loaves of bread sweetened with honey and garnished with sesame seeds, can you imagine?

The record of these first recipes dates back more than 7 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, they were the pioneers in baking and their legacy dates back to the 25th century BC. Then it began to be celebrated in Ancient Greece births, where the celebration of this new life was to share with a delicious cake more than 7 thousand years ago hahaha. The cakes made in Athens were very famous and these were made with flour, cheese and oil.

Annotation: The oldest oven in the world is over 6,500 years old and was discovered in Croatia in 2014.

In the fourth century BC and with the participation of the Roman Empire began to differentiate between the work of the baker and the pastry chef, creating this new profession.

Now, as we know there were many conquests in those times and in these conquests there were great exchanges of goods and trade. When the Arabs conquered Spain, they started to plant citrus trees, almond trees, etc. These foods began to be traded in Rome and in much of Europe, so as a result of these conquests and these new trades, nuts and dried fruits began to be added to cakes.

This food that we now consider "a valuable dessert" was quite popular in its beginnings because these foods now filled with fruits could last for many months, so the main reason for its great popularity was because of its sweet taste and its duration.

Note: With the discovery of America in the 15th century, Spain began to include chocolate in small quantities in these mixtures and together with sugar it was combined and replaced honey as a sweetener because of the delicious combination that both produced.

Thanks to advances in technology and improved availability of ingredients, the first cakes were baked in Europe in the 17th century.

The first cake decorations were a composition of boiled sugar with egg whites and different flavorings, this preparation was poured over the cake and then baked again, leaving a hard and shiny covering.

The cake as we know it today was made in the middle of the 19th century, which was made with white flour and baking powder instead of yeast. The hard and shiny decorations were replaced by cream icings made with butter, cream, sugar and flavorings, this soft mixture started to be used since the 20th century.

Thank you very much for having reached the end of my article my dear friend from read.cash, I hope you liked this delicious story that I have shared for you. Here are the links where I got the information:




Have a great day!

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