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ArtPark Weekly: "Emoji to OC" #1

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1 week ago

Last week, we have introduced another activity that will definitely test an artist's creativity and imagination. Introducing "Emoji to OC" where we choose 3 emojis and you draw them into a original character.

Our NEW monthly schedule for art activities are as follows,

First week : Emoji to OC

Second to Fourth/Fifth Week : Draw this in Your Style

Click on the image to go to the reference post.

@boldnitalics :

@Lemonade :

@Ahrciel :

@Joshua14 :

@Hanzell :

@Usnehr13 :

@Sieraphine :

@Nanika :

@NashNofies :

@kushina :

@MyQueen :

@Lilycruz :

@crazyan03 :

@Heneralluga :

@crimsonowl :

@AllysaMarie :

@ValerieBurz13 :


@Ozaki :

@Ishan :

@MyHero :

@Phio :

@Fallen :

@Jakeey :

@straykat :

@looserwin :

@JoeHit :

@kneelyrac :

Week 11 number of participants : 28

Honestly, the emojis for this week was a challenge but we take it that the first "Emoji to OC" has been quite successful.

We will be adding more activities if we find interesting art trends and challenges somewhere in the internet so look out for that! But if you have suggestions on art activities, we're glad to hear them.

This week, we are back to doing DTIYS so check out the ArtPark chamber to see who's our midget reference.

Presentation day is on Sunday June 13, 2021 until 11:30 PM, GMT+8.

Please follow the following format when posting your entries and always place them at the beginning of your post for clarity.

For art activity entries:

DTIYS #(week number), (reference) entry ⇨ DTIYS #1, Naruto entry

Emoji to OC #(week number) entry ⇨ Emoji to OC #1 entry

For Work In Progress posts, please put WIP at the very top of your posts.

Feel free to join us and read the guidelines while you're at it.

ArtPark is migrating! You are welcome to post your entries at the ArtPark channel if you want, but we still check the chamber.

See you on Presentation Day!

Note: ArtPark Weekly DTIYS is not a contest but a recreational activity to inspire ourselves to draw. Tips are randomly given and it doesn't mean that because one artist got more tips, they are favored or, worst, their art is better. We don't aim to please, we aim to inspire.

Who are we and what do we do? Get to know us --> Welcome to our park: ArtPark!

We created "pool tips" to reward the artists for their creation and participation every week. Want to support our artful activity? -->

©ArtPark by @crimsonowlkk and @ishanvirtue

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Written by   35
1 week ago
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Bet na bet ko yong kay HeneralLuga at Jakeey ang gagaling nila 🤩🤩

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1 week ago

ang ko-cool ng mga entries.. fave ko kay @crazyan03

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1 week ago

Super creative!!!! Siguro tulog ako nung nagpaulan ng ganyang talento😂

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1 week ago

Dam talented humans! Hahaha.

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1 week ago