ArtPark Weekly: Draw this in your style ⑮, Sung Jin-Woo

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From being the weakest hunter of all humankind to being one of the top S-rank hunters of his universe, Sung Jin-Woo is one prime example that if you work hard and keep your goals locked insight, you will for sure reach those goals. On the outside, he may just look like a weakling but deep down, he is brave, intelligent, selfless with a goofy side. He's also well known to have a strong sense of family as he will do anything for them, even risking his own life.

In Week 15 of DTIYS, we explore the world of manhwa as we challenge ourselves in drawing Sung Jin-Woo in our style.

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Week 15 number of participants : 21

As of posting time, we are still on Week 16 of DTIYS. See this post on the ArtPark chamber for more details. Presentation day is July 4, 2021, until 11:30 PM, GMT +8 (but there is no harm in posting after the Presentation day)

Come one, come all!!

Feel free to join us and read the guidelines while you're at it.

See you on Presentation Day!

Note: ArtPark Weekly DTIYS is not a contest but a recreational activity to inspire ourselves to draw. Tips are randomly given and it doesn't mean that because one artist got more tips, they are favored or, worst, their art is better. We don't aim to please, we aim to inspire.

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UwU, ang gagalingggg 🤧. Napaka talented naman talaga ng mga batang iyan ay, ako'y talagang napapa sana all nalang 🤧. At wait lang, yan gang Solo Leveling ay may Anime na?

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1 year ago

Great entries as usual. I've been quite busy though, I guess I'll try next week

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1 year ago