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It's 2 weeks of back-to-back "badass-ness" if that is even a word. Last week, our roulette's hand landed on the great, the mighty, the destructive, Great Explosion Murder God Dynamite, BAKUGOU KATSUKI!!!

Fun fact: To this day, My Hero Academia had 6 popularity polls and despite many people hating on this boom boi, he remains at the top of the Popularity Poll in Japan the whole time. Way to go, Horikoshi-sensei!

You mobs, ready for the parade of Bakugou Katsuki!? Have a blast! (pun intended)


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@ISHketch :


We don't stop here! See the ArtPark chamber for Week 8's destructive reference.

Feel free to join us and read the guidelines while you're at it.

See you on Presentation Day!

Note: ArtPark Weekly DTIYS is not a contest but a recreational activity to inspire ourselves to draw. Tips are randomly given and it doesn't mean that because one artist got more tips, they are favored or, worst, their art is better. We don't aim to please, we aim to inspire.

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i subscribed! i like the idea talaga na may long article option and then share the link sa twitter-like platform and earn bch on both sites... kodus to you and ishan for this initiative!

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