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Hello, friends!

It's been a month since you've heard from ArtPark. Now that October has come and go, #ArtParkWeekly is now back to operations. But before that, we wanted to share with you what happened at our little Halloween Party last October 31st.

Virtual Parties are the norm in the pandemic era. We were worried about how a no-camera virtual party would turn out. Even worst, we were worried what if no one would shows up.

But still, to do a party, one must cook up a party program. So here was ours.

We had 2 major activity for the night, one it the games and the other one is the winner-takes-all-the-candies, Candy Pot worth of 10,300 CandyMan. We had the participants fill up a form to enter the raffle draw.

Our first Halloween party was partly sponsored by the CandyMan Token community. When we raided the CandyMan Token group to invite to our party, @carisdaneym2, Justine and Princess were very kind to gift us a hefty amount of CandyMan Tokens for our games.

The Party

The party was set to begin at 8 PM Philippine Time. Not the timezone. 8 PM came yet there was still no one showing up, which was very expected because of "Filipino time". Ultimately, 10 people showed up and partied with us. It was as much as we expected since the ArtPark Telegram group might be the most silent group in all Telegram groups.

30 minute past show time, we finally begun the party by the admins introducing themselves. Ironically, it was the very first time that we got to have some chitchat with the group members. A little chitchat more and we moved on to the highlight of the party, the games.

Quizzy quiz

This was one of the 6 questions in the quizzy quiz we did. This was probably the funniest of all questions and the answers are even funnier. If you wanna try the pretty easy quizzy quiz we did, check out this link

It was pretty fast game since each question is to be answered within 30 seconds each. Here are the leaderboard for the quizzy quiz.

Each participant got 200 CandyMan for each correct answer.

Virtual Bingo

Next up is Virtual Bingo. It's pretty so-so when you play it in real life but in virtual setting, it is pretty fun.

We generated virtual bingo cards online and sent them a link to get their unique bingo card. Each bingo card are randomly generated so no two cards are the same.

The instructions:

Okay next instructions. When I send an image, it will say the prompt in a box. Example, if the "call" says "Didn't study for an exam", find the same box with the same sentence and mark it X. I will continue calling until someone can form a horizontal or vertical line

This one above is the first call card. We called out for around 5 times until someone screamed "Bingo!" and that someone was GiddyBoy.

First bingo for the night.

500 CandyMan will be given as participation price. 1000 CandyMan for each Bingo and another 1000 CandyMan for the first 3 to get the fastest Bingo.

A few more calling and we had our first 3 Bingo. After that, the rest followed suit and the game finally ends.

Bring Me GIF

The last games of the party was Bring Me GIF. In the program, we specified that artists should bring their artworks for this game. However, since there are also non-artists joining the party, we changed to rules to use GIFs instead of artworks. Each correct GIFs will have 200 CandyMan.

The instructions:

When I say, bring me a GIF of a cat. Send a GIF of any cat you want. I will count 15 secs and will send "stop", any entry after stop is not allowed.

@crimsonowlkk was facilitating the games and the first thing she asked to "bring me" was a GIF of Gojou, which she is a hugh fan of. She says thank you for making her night that night.

The Bring Me items were Gojou, Chair, Beer, Popcorn, Bed, Coffin.

Bring Me GIF was probably the highlight of the night. It was raining GIFs as should be and everyone had said themselves that they had enjoyed, too.


Candy Pot and Prizes

You might wonder why we gave excessive prizes during the games. First, because we have received unexpectedly a hefty amount of donation from the CandyMan community and two, there were only 10 people that attend the party so the prize to people ratio was quite unbalanced. We also didn't put all of it in the Candy Pot so we can give more candies to the party-attendants than just giving it all to one person. Sharing is caring, they say,

So, the wheel has been spinned and the Candy Pot worth of 10,300 CandyMan goes to @straykat!

We have listed in this sheet who got how much and the Transaction ID of sent prizes.

ArtPark Weekly is back

As the party comes to an end, we announed the comeback of ArtPark Weekly after a month of #artober. Currently the art activites under ArtPark Weekly are as follows.

★ Draw this in your style #DTIYS

★ 3Emoji Art (Formerly, Emoji to OC) #3emoji

★ ArtPark Weekly Special

★ Draw your monster...

The above activities will be done in a random but none repetetive way. We always check the bigger part of the internet for the latest art trend so when a new trend comes up, we adjust the activities to fit the current art scene.

Lastly, the Special Announcement. Well, it really isn't worth to include it in the article as of the moment but it's a huge project for ArtPark CryptoArt Community. We are currently underway in cooking up this little bad boy so we can truly be of service to the art community of Bitcoin Cash.

Thank you to the CandyMan Token community for helping us make this party successful. Join their Telegram group for more sweetness in your life.

Check also our Channel for our artists' latest artworks and have a chat with us in our Telegram group. See you there!

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